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  1. FEAR ME! Blargh!

    1. Cielo


      Too cute to fear

    2. Dukov Wolff

      Dukov Wolff

      eh, how can I fear you you when you are all tied up like that? heh heh heh

  2. Dak Fish

    Fishface B|
  3. Dakota Haven (Commissioned Work)

    For all the commissioned work of Dak.
  4. Castor Jade

    My alt Cas. The Slut-Bat. Just the art I have of him, since there isn't as much as there is of Dak this is going to be a singular album.
  5. Dakota Haven (Drawn Art)

    This is for all the art of Dak that I have drawn myself.
  6. IRL Photos n' Shit

    Ooooos. Very pretty! ^^
  7. Boredom...

    1. sannasu-tanooki


      Then do something fun!~ HAVE AN ADVENTURRRREEEEEEEEEEE-with this spoon~ -Giggles, and hands you a wooden spoon-

  8. IRL Photos n' Shit

    Errr. Hope the attachments work. X3 But yeah, Dak butt there for ya. New picture and Old picture.
  9. Rawrs back at ya! X3

  10. Rah Rah Rawr <3

  11. Dak's Art Haven

    Just an album for all the art of Dakky. Various ones that I've drawn and others I have commissioned. I'll upload everything eventually.