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  1. Bark Bark Bark

    1. Vivus


      as it was spoken so it shall be written

    2. Dav Sionnach
    3. Huux the Shark

      Huux the Shark

      The illustrious barking rhino. Truly nature's most autistic creations! :D

  2. Should be fixed now! :)
  3. Remember the machine. It has interlocking parts, each operating with perfect efficiency, each as vital as any other. This machine works only because each component works. It succeeds only because each part of it is operating in order. Sometimes a segment may seem redundant... Sometimes the wheels appear more vital than the fuel reserves, or the grinding cogs seem more necessary than the pistons. It's an illusion. One won't work without another. We're all part of the machine. We live for it, we fight for it. And, when the time comes, we die for it. But in a way, we never die. It doesn't matter if a piece of the machine doesn't operate any more. As long as the whole continues to function, the memories and achievements of each part remain forever.
  4. Happy Birthday Xeno :)

  5. The April Flools joke was not my idea. :) Not this time.

    1. Commissar Mav

      Commissar Mav

      He lies! Don't believe him!

  6. What is the ratio of yips to yaps?

  7. TFAM needs some hot chocolate!
  8. Wub-a-lubba-dub-dub

    1. Seito Akai

      Seito Akai

      *does a little dance*

  9. Thread Locked.
  10. (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻

    1. Hyliad


      Completely agree.

    2. Laklen


      (ノ °益°)ノ 彡 ┻━┻

      That's all. Carry on

  11. o_O

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    2. Hyliad
    3. Uilliam



    4. Uilliam


      *sidles up to Doc* Ahhh deeww Cooooocaaaaaiiiinnneee!!

  12. Maasssstttterrr! I wanna play! *moos out at*