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Inthys I'Kale

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  1. Hello all! Been a while since I have looked around here.

  2. <.< >.> Bark! A jackal is back! :D

  3. Bleep bloop. Bored. Need more peeps to chat with.

  4. Here have some scary Jackal legs XD
  5. Here we go, Newer Picture, Bit fuzzy, but I'm the one in the back to the left. Others are my Roommates XD
  6. Happy Jackal is Happy. ^^ Still need a job though X.x

  7. Blahh I freaking hate this Toxicology Class!

  8. Squeak :D

    1. TwiSteDCBloSsoM


      It was a batsky! Thought you left us here!

    2. Arctic wolf

      Arctic wolf

      *tackleglomps* :D

  9. Well All this is my official goodbye to TR, I have nothing against anyone here, and if you want add me via skype I do enjoy talkng, Bid you all a farewell.

  10. Basky is leaving permenatly

  11. Did a fursona Overhall

  12. Uhg up early, and feelin lonely... I really need some one close to me. sorry to be a whiny b**ch

    1. Ken Shīkingu

      Ken Shīkingu

      it's fine hun, i'm always here for ya, just text me if you ever want someone to talk to :3

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