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  1. So, forgot to mention to those who wanted me to keep them informed of the results of my testing...they can't do a thing, there's too much damage to the brain for anything useful to be done, and even better, I've come out of this testing with a displaced rib injury because of the intensity of the seizures they put me through.     

  2. IRL Photos n' Shit

    Me hooked up and ready to go with my seizure testing
  3. Things are getting serious.

    Funny to think that in 9 days I'll be going into hospital for a week to be probed and forced to have seizures just so my doctors can find out what part of the brain my seizures originate from and to assess if I am a brain surgery candidate to permanently stop them. I am scared shitless but this excited at the same time because serious things are getting done about them. I'm holding onto the thin chance that they originate from a part of my brain that can be operated on so surgery becomes a corrective option however the chance of brain surgery for me is around 5% to 10%. My Eptologist believes that my brain may be too malformed so surgery is most likely unable to be performed without major risks but is still hoping for a miracle to occur.
  4. Even though I am so happy that my Eptologist has a potential plan to permanently stop my seizures, I can't stop thinking about and getting nervous about the hospital stay and surgery risks - if it's offered. 

    1. Cef Fur

      Cef Fur

      I am not surprised. It is always a big step. Best to keep your eyes on the outcome, as the events unfold. I pray this all goes well for you, my friend!


  5. Counting down the weeks and days until my holiday to Adelaide! 6 weeks to go. 

  6. Furry car club ?

    Unfortunately not having a licence, I haven't been able to drive legally since 2014 so I don't have a car to show you all. My dream car is a 1999 Dodge Viper GTS and I'd love to import one over here one day. My two prides and joys are my rural firetrucks I maintain at my fire station, one is currently in storage while we rebuild the station. I love the roar of the engine these things make.
  7. I, for one, embrace our new orange overlord. ALL HEIL TRUMP!!!!

  8. Woohoo! so bloody happy right now!!!!

  9. XD, the furry I am smitten for posted a picture and made me blush at work in front of everyone

    1. Inu-Chan
    2. Pingu


      Hehehehe, I am taking her out to dinner tonight

    3. Inu-Chan


      You da man. NOOT NOOT!!

  10. What are you listening to right now?! :D

    I've gotten this stuck in my head now because I've been listening to it
  11. IRL Photos n' Shit

    My latest one from a Holiday to North Queensland
  12. Random Photos

  13. 3 days of work to get through and then holiday time!

  14. Two weeks to go! Can't bloody wait!

    1. Vivus
    2. Pingu


      My North Queensland trip
  15. Two weeks to go! Can't bloody wait!