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  1. Red's Art Circle

    Me too but also in programming variations.
  2. Happy Birthday, normal Kai! :dance:

  3. Red's Art Circle

    I can! *is better*


  5. Royal Agate Introduction

    Let me know if you ever do. I have mine in my desc.
  6. Royal Agate Introduction

    Welcome, do you have a gallery up anywhere?
  7. My dad is finally home. It was close but he's going to be ok. I'm so relieved.

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    2. Red


      Thanks, it was worse than I thought. The doctors said he died and was revived like 4 or 5 times. I just barely learned it a few minutes before he arrived home. I hate it when my family keeps things like that from me. They only tell me later and then it makes me worry about what else they are hiding from me.

    3. Samurai Kai

      Samurai Kai

      My family does the same. Or especially when a family member or one of my pets have passed. People are always so hesitant to tell the truth. My mother does it because she doesn’t want to me, but I like knowing the truth. And man, your father is a real bloody trooper! I hope he continues to do well and that his health will be okay. Sounds like you’ve been through all kinds of emotions lately! I don’t blame you.

    4. Red


      Indeed, he can be stubborn too. I just got through giving him his pain meds and he was feeling pain but didn't call me to help him.

  8. Red's Art Circle

    The desert has a sick sense of humor so it's hot during the day and freezing cold during the night. No snow though, thankfully.
  9. Red's Art Circle

    What am I up to atm? I am having one of those times where I can't seem to draw anything so I am mostly doing basic shape and perspective exercises. I am also considering doing some writing exercises to help with my creativity block.
  10. RELAX OR ELSE....


  11. Taking drawing requests!

    It looks like I'm already watching you. WB!
  12. Taking drawing requests!

    What is your FA/Tumblr? It's not listed in your profile.
  13. I am new here.