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  1. In few days I'll have another commission slot of open. Let me know if you are interested.

  2. Oh good! I was going to draw you something but that can be your prize. Night!
  3. BTW You post was the 1000th post! CONGRATZ!
  4. Nice!~ More icky humans! I don't FB because that's one less time vampire that I need in my life. Not much art from me because I'm finishing up one of my game projects. I still need play testers to help me out ironing out some last minutes bugs so I can release it if you got the time.
  5. With the moment of free time I've been allowed I've been able to practice some perspective drawing. I've sorely needed it for quite some time.

  6. Bug fixing is fun!

    1. ThomasTheSpaceFox


      isn't it always just wonderful? :p

    2. Red


      Indeed, especially when it get done the first time around! BTW if you want to help me QA my game let me know and I'll add you.

  7. Doc written and play test build sent out. That all who agreed to help. I can relax a bit for change.

  10. I am going to make a test case doc for MUNCH. If anyone has a few hours to kill and wants to help me play test my game please let me know and I'll PM you when I am ready.

    1. NezzytheFox


      Wish I could but no few hours to spend

    2. Red


      Hooray, it's be a bit before the doc is done. I want get every possible pathway mapped out with screenshots and make a "manual" of sorts just so everyone will be clear on what does what. When I PM you guys I'll send out more useful info. Thanks for the help!

  11. Quick question, how do I make my own smilies for TR usage?

    1. Show previous comments  5 more
    2. Red


          Ok, good. It's the second iteration of a causal game I made like a year ago. After getting a lot of feedback and applying everything I learned since then I took the opportunity to test my new engine out in revamping it. I made a menu system engine that I can use for any game to popular lists and game areas. I also made a card engine but it's not used in this project. This was more of a test to see how well it worked when importing it into a completely different project for the first time. I am happy to announce that it worked out wonderfully. Go me! I'll write up a word doc for you and anyone else who wants to help out then PM you when it is ready. This will run in your browser so you don't need anything special. I am going to make another post to see if anyone else want to help out.

    3. Snowmew Justin

      Snowmew Justin

      Sounds like it could be fun! I do enjoy finding bugs  >;3

    4. braenuun


      *skitters across page*

  13. I think you should scan it and touch it up.
  14. As a side project I was revamping MUNCH based on the feedback that I got and I finished like and an hour ago. I just need to play test it then up it goes to the app store. Go me! But I need sleep right now.

    1. Snowmew Justin

      Snowmew Justin

      Oh? Red does the programming thing?

    2. Red


      Yes, I'm more than just a pretty face.

      Why does no one every pay attention to my programming work whenever I mention it!? T_T

  15. Happy Birthday!~

    1. Seito Akai

      Seito Akai

      Thank you very much!

    2. Red


      You deserve it!