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  1. Draw Everyday!

    Nice, I like the design.
  2. Red's Art Circle

    You say wonderful things.
  3. Red's Art Circle


    1. Samurai Kai

      Samurai Kai

      I’m totally not waiting around the corner to whack people with a hockey stick to make this day live up to its name. 

    2. Red


      Canadians have such weird holidays.

    3. Ryokenohki


      Also it's October.

      It's the most 13th Friday ever

  5. Red's Art Circle

    Try it anyways!
  6. I over burdened myself again. X3 *needs to relax*

    1. Salvatoriago


      *pets* I, Dr. Not-A-Doctor, prescribe: long showers, deep breathes, incense, and breaking benjamin.

  7. Draw Everyday!

    PRAISE THE SUN! Are you doing Inktober this year? I started but I had to stop due to time concerns.
  8. Greetings to all

    I art! I draw!
  9. Red's Art Circle

    Using some proper sketchbook paper rather than the copier paper I bought in bulk. It makes WORLD of difference.
  10. the first time in long time I finally fiddle with a few deep settings on my WiFi USB adapter and now it's way better! Now watch as I now jinx my rare moment for fortune!

  11. Red's Art Circle

    I'm glad I switched to doing turnaround for Inktober. Look at this, I barely got the front view sketched out! And to think I was going to try to do full pics! TO PRACTICE!
  12. MMORPGs

    Hellz yeah! My main pet's name is a Kougra named Aghri. I'd put a link up but they don't let you do that if you're not logged and if I do I'll get lost again. X3
  13. Red's Art Circle

    Like I said, now that I know how to host my games on GitHub and I can now share them more easily check out my "NotPachinko" example game!
  14. MMORPGs

    Same here, plus I got other stuff I need to be doing that I can't afford real time participation. Now browser games on the other game!~ Anyone ever play Utopia or Travian? Also, Neopets!