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  1. Red

    Happy 100th Birthday! :dance:

  2. Happy Red Day!~


    1. crash


      snep day u mean

  3. Red

    Happy Birthday! :dance:

  4. Happy Birthday! :dance:

  5. Happy Red Day!~


  6. Happy Red Day!~


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      snep day

  7. Happy Red Day!~


    1. crash


      snep day

  8. Happy Red Day!~

    Feeling great today!~

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      snep day 

  9. Happy Belated Red Day!~

    A bit late because I had some surgery today. Painkillers are WONDERFUL!~

    1. crash


      snep day

    2. Carridwen


      Hope your surgery went smoothly and that you recover quickly!

  10. Red

    Whats your workflow?

    2D: Photoshop or Clip Studio Programming: Construct 2 (HTML5) 3D: 3DS Max and Daz Studio Audacity for Sound work. Anything else would be task specific.
  11. Red


  12. Red

    2D tiling engines

    I used Tiled for creating tile maps for me to use it's how I prepared this product. https://theflyingnest.itch.io/base-castle-tile-set-
  13. Happy Birthday! :dance:

  14. Red

    open soure game engines

    I mostly use a very highly modded Construct 2 for all of my programming. I have Godot on Steam but I have not gotten to using it. Before then I used Unreal, Unity, and Torque for my 3D needs. Althohg on of my Mods for C2 allows for 3D use so I'm getting me use for that so I can keep everything in on environment.
  15. Happy Red Day!~


    1. crash


      SNEP DAY

  16. Happy Birthday! :dance:

  17. Red

    3D platformers

    The only one that comes to mind that I really, REALLY stuck with was SM64 on the N64.
  18. Happy Red Day!~


    1. crash


      fook u 


      snep day 

  19. Red

    Superhero Games

    Oh yes!
  20. Red

    wii games

    My brother has Wii but I've been PC gaming far too much. The only one's I'll played on it were one of the Mario Party games and Muramasa.
  21. Red

    Superhero Games

    I'm a fan of super heroism stuff but I've never really played games of them, oddly enough. The only one I truly remembered offhand of The Death and Return of Superman on the SNES.
  22. Happy Birthday! :dance:

  23. Happy Red Day!~


    1. Samurai Kai

      Samurai Kai

      May your days be filled with bright red and roses!

    2. crash


      may your days be filled with snep cause you know,.......snep day

  24. Happy Birthday! :dance:

    1. Findley-Foxx


      Haha, kinda belated on my part, but thanks Red! ^^