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    go fuck yourself

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    whte tiger/dragon Hybrid
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    Wouldn't you like to know

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  1. Tatiiiiiiiiiiii

  2. NOOOO I just got on and you just left whyyyy you do this to me *crys*

    1. Tati


      i still herere

  3. ello beautiful <3

    1. Show previous comments  7 more
    2. Tati


      good, im glad you ish <3333

    3. Maluenda


      :3 just playing games with my offspring 

    4. Tati


      yay, enjoy it hun

  4. Hey. You. Yea, you. You know what you did. You hobo 

  5. -sergals all over this page and covers everything in fur-

    1. Maluenda


      -pandas all over the page and leaves it covered in more fur- >>

    2. jeff larthea

      jeff larthea

      -laughs and burns all of the fur- >:3

  6. A wild Tati has appeared!

    1. Tati


      *gasps* it has, where?

  7. *floofs up*

    1. Toxi Rose

      Toxi Rose

      *floofs up against chu purring*

    2. Tati


      *nibbles and loves on, purring with you*

    3. Toxi Rose

      Toxi Rose

      *nums and purrs on*

  8. really dont care enough

  9. Naomi

    *scuttles your shitty internet* (•̀ω•́ ))))

    1. Tati


      *flails* its all i gots


  10. Toxi:  She was like who's gonna betray me next and I was like.. *scoots away*

    1. Toxi Rose

      Toxi Rose

      you forgot to mention it was my boss that said it

  11. Toxi :*looks at kiero and throws his glass to the ground* MUHAHA didn't expect that did you!!

    1. Toxi Rose

      Toxi Rose

      So far best quote of the year

    2. Naomi


      You have learned well, Toxi (•̀ω•́ )  *nods sagely*

    3. Toxi Rose

      Toxi Rose

      Thank you master Naomi *bows* I have learnt from the best!

  12. i dont even care


  13. *perverts your wall so hard hazmat cant clean it*

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