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  1. Venya

    VR in therapy

    now I wasn't sure whether to put this in games or here. but this isn't really about VR itself but more like how it can be helpful. I have watched videos of trans people crying cause of VR. how they could see themselves as a different gender. how they can actually help with height problems too. but I was thinking how VR can be in sessions for like therapy like dogs can. hear me out. I am not transgender. but I would like to see myself as some characters in which are male. (mainly my main fursona) I would be happy to see myself in a different world too. to see myself not so much in like... a city world but in a calming more forest like fantasy world. it would calm me down allot and just... relax more. then I thought of ptsd. so like to relive something and maybe be able to change it in a game or simulator. so see something so horrible go wrong go right in a way. you know like.... if I confronted something myself. it might actually make me more confident more open less scared of the world. one of the main reasons I want VR is not just for gaming but to see myself as well.. male. to see my character I made as me. because I made it. like I want to see second life in VR so I can... be confident. it counts as hiding but im always hiding behind a characters anyways thats why I made em. they are still part of me. what do you think? should VR be part of therapy?
  2. from minecraft before it was 40 to the sims back in 2000. from the early stages of DnD to the newer monsters today? whats the game you continue to play and how long have you been playing it? the sims is me! I have all of sims 2 3 and most of 4 I did play the first one too back when it came out but no longer have the cds for it. T_T which kinda sucks but oh well XD I remember the pets and the magic one being my favorite. they should add a sims magic or medieval pack for 4 XD also I always add a pet to my sims. ALWAYS
  3. you know you would think the one place I meet my mate I would come back more often XD

    1. Kyle


      Life happens and we understand! Luckily we wont be going anywhere anytime soon!

  4. its been awhile since I've been here. how is everyone doing?

    1. Revel


      I don't believe I know this one, but doing well, yes!

    2. Bysector
  5. feeling somewhat empty. Hate this feeling.

  6. I just became not so single on halloween! yay! hope yours is good too!

  7. not 100 percent tonight.

  8. I should never bet on anything XD

  9. having no food sucks....

  10. Looking again XD why I do not know

  11. I don't know why I come on here anymore

    1. Snowmew Justin

      Snowmew Justin

      Me either, but yet here I am.
  12. Laundry night!! <3

  13. I think I came up with a logo for the new channel. Who wants to draw it and make it pretty? I will pay <3

  14. omg thunder sounds so cool! Love it when it rains XD