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Chief Gogoroth

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About Chief Gogoroth

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    Orc Chief
  • Birthday 02/20/1981

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  1. Happy Birthday to you, Chief Gogoroth! :D

    1. Samurai Kai

      Samurai Kai

      Another Happy Birthday to you! 

  2. Who wants to have some adult fun with an Orc. Men or women allowed...no Femboys though

    1. Spooky


      Not this guy.

    2. Queen Cereal

      Queen Cereal

      Nor I. Alliance and all.

    3. Dukov Wolff

      Dukov Wolff

      you already know I would ;3

  3. I am currently looking for a man to 'play' with. No femboys PLEASE. I want men that are actually men. Male herms are acceptable as well; as long as they look like men as well.

    1. Spooky


      I suggest Clint Eastwood.

    2. Erynn Stryker

      Erynn Stryker

      I am a soldier, if that affects any decisions. ;3

  4. Is anyone up for some adult role play?

    1. Tenebris Drox
    2. Chief Gogoroth

      Chief Gogoroth

      We should go private chat sometime then

    3. Spooky


      If it's blood you mean by adult roleplay, then I am so there.

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