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Inu-Chan last won the day on July 3 2018

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  1. Hey!!!! Been forever!!!

  2. You live! Omg! Welcome back.

    1. Tazabell


      Thank you so much :D

  3. Sorry for the upset on Telegram. I'm back and feeling better.

  4. Miss you. Hope you've been well.

  5. So dead today. I want to sleep so bad but phone can ring any time and call me to duty. 2 more days then my "weekend"

  6. Some people...you just want to throat punch so hard.

  7. Geeeeettt dunked on!!

    1. IT.


  8. Found out my mother was playing Cards Against Humanity tonight. I'm not sure how to feel about this now.

  9. Someone got drunk and lost the keys again xD

  10. Oh yay a t-shirt for a place I already frequent and gas money. Gee thanks parents...

  11. Looking for a small genderbend challenge? Here's my main refsheet and one artists concept of him genderbent to give an idea of of her general anatomy. Typically she's early 20s and quite lithe and athletic compared to her male version who is rather portly in the torso.
  12. Welcome to the site.  Hope you find everything to your liking and enjoy your stay.
  13. Inu-Chan

    New ~

    Hai Apple. Welcome to the Refuge. Haven't seen a DAD here in a while. Hope you enjoy what we have to offer here.
  14. Inu-Chan


    Hai there and welcome.  Hope you enjoy the forums and everything else we have to offer here. OMG rofl Kai. Is that from a G20 protest rally?
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