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  1. Hey!!!! Been forever!!!

  2. Inu-Chan

    IRL Photos n' Shit

    What I see.
  3. You live! Omg! Welcome back.

    1. Tazabell


      Thank you so much :D

  4. Inu-Chan

    IRL Photos n' Shit

    Just a normal husky doing normal husky things.
  5. Sorry for the upset on Telegram. I'm back and feeling better.

  6. Inu-Chan

    IRL Photos n' Shit

    Those of you down voting. I believe his comment was supposed to be two statements "How on earth could you say that? You look nice" I will reserve comment as I can't communicate on facebook with TK without receiving threats from her S.O.
  7. Inu-Chan

    IRL Photos n' Shit

    gah. Why are you so cute 😊❤
  8. Miss you. Hope you've been well.

  9. So dead today. I want to sleep so bad but phone can ring any time and call me to duty. 2 more days then my "weekend"

  10. Some people...you just want to throat punch so hard.

  11. Inu-Chan

    IRL Photos n' Shit

    Great to see the supervisor hamming it up for the camera instead of supervising :P
  12. Geeeeettt dunked on!!

    1. IT.


  13. Found out my mother was playing Cards Against Humanity tonight. I'm not sure how to feel about this now.

  14. Someone got drunk and lost the keys again xD