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Gotherine Foxxe

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Gotherine Foxxe last won the day on September 2 2012

Gotherine Foxxe had the most liked content!

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    Welcome to the fox box
  • Birthday 09/16/1988

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  1. fa died

    1. Pingu


      What??? I know that it's down, but that's about it.

    2. Queen Cereal

      Queen Cereal

      I KNOW! It's been down for like eight years.

  2. Only a fairy on the weekends

  3. canvas bids are up starting for one dollar!

  4. I bought my epic dream house!!!!.... then the plumbing died.

  5. My last comment up for free art poke me if your interested.

    1. Canis Lupus

      Canis Lupus

      Whoa, you draw? I didn't know that :3

    2. Spooky


      I'm not interested.

      Here's a comment anyway.

    3. Canis Lupus

      Canis Lupus

      I'd like an art :3 unless its to late

  6. Welcome to nginx!...... every day...

    1. Spooky


      But I can't swim.

    2. Duncan


      Not sure why you are getting that error message.... no one else is getting it. Try flushing your dns cache. start -> run -> cmd -> ipconfig /flushdns

  7. .....i broked it

    1. Phausic


      Why would you breaked it? D:

    2. Gotherine Foxxe

      Gotherine Foxxe

      I'm getting a lot of errors.

    3. Duncan


      All fixed now. :D

  8. buying my studio today

  9. gonna be moveing soon

  10. My art work is too big to scan XD

  11. any artists up for a swap?

    1. Ozzy the Kangaroo
    2. Sairen


      I don't see why not, I'd be game

    3. Gotherine Foxxe

      Gotherine Foxxe

      I want to do one with my ex Alla somebody I yous to know.

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