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The Elders
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Uilliam last won the day on January 1 2013

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  1. youre purple ouo

    1. Uilliam


      Yes. Yes I am.
      Am I not fabulous?

    2. Artik Masterson

      Artik Masterson

      absa-fucking-lutely fa-boo ;D

  2. I'd rather they do a pirate game. Incorporate the 'Hey I actually care about these bastards' aspect of MGSV's base building and have 'oh I went in the water now my flintlocks don't work....funny that'
  3. TFAM is greasing up the poor pencil-monster.
  4. None are superior to me. I shall win, forthwith.
  5. TFAM is quite right... I've spent many a wikiwalk looking up stuff like this ^___^;
  6. TFAM is a very sexy fur indeed. ;3
  7. TFAM likes watching me in the shower
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