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  1. Happy Birthday! :dance:

  2. Red's Art Circle

    Vous etes le bienvenu malgre tout! Je ne sais pas quoi faire d'autre! ;w;
  3. Red's Art Circle

    Je ne sais pas- je suis desole ;;;
  4. Red's Art Circle

    I'm using Chrome;;
  5. Red's Art Circle

    So when I've opened it up, it just shows a black background. Nothing happens. o:
  6. IRL Photos n' Shit

    Aw dang. Got some beauties up in here. @Ornelie I love your makeup! ;;;;; It's so precise and beautiful. @Stoneheart That majestic beauty looks like she's going to get a lot of love when that kicks in, that insurance.
  7. I'm very silly; I keep trying to remember things and then my brain goes "Haha. Hah."

    1. Red


      Being trolled by your own brain. So sad.

  8. Nerdy stuff

    And you, Traveler?
  9. Red's Art Circle

    Oh don't worry; I think every artist/merchant/some another has things that are overdue xD;; Even I do, but we gotta keep movin' and finish 'em~!
  10. Red's Art Circle

    Ahyes, I read the OP xD; I just figured I'd make sure~. I'd love to do some collabs, someday. Here's some stuff I've been working on/did in the last couple days; mind you these were all commissions;;; My FA is Kizmet, if anyone wants to go browse things. :v
  11. Red's Art Circle

    So, this is a thread to post recent art... right? o vo To share and kinda spread art around and see others art, right?
  12. Nerdy stuff

    LARPing, man. DnD, different tabletop systems (SW, LoTFR, etc.), conventions, anime, manga, tabletop/board games (ie. Aye! Dark Overlord, BotHotH (Wow I never realize that acronym was so long xD; )) and more. I'd sit at cons and play video games relentlessly before I started working cons, and I attended some of them parlor/con LARPs, too. I prefer my 'contact' LARPing, honestly, though. Mhmhm. Medieval, Renaissance, Ancient- etc, just history in general; I prefer ancient over any of those, sans Victorian. Mm that fashion and culture sense. Also, I'm a strange lass who fancies etymology. Like, linguistics five-ever. It's one of my favorite subjects and I wanted to go to Oxford for it! Too bad I latched onto art before I got to college. (Pbbt)
  13. Gif Your Mood!!!

  14. IRL Photos n' Shit

    THAT MAKEUP THOUGH. HNN And thank you, SinkSankSunk. xD