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Austin Mistplume

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Austin Mistplume last won the day on April 7 2017

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  1. Havent done a pic in a while. Not shaving for a bit since it's hitting the cold winter soon haha
  2. I have a rather strange, bad feeling about things... 


  3. Rather miserable watching my team lose...

  4. Good to be home for once. And excited that i'm gonna have a new niece/nephew in September!

  5. Surprised i haven't seen you around on Discord.

  6. had a feeling the 4th of July was gonna be a great day. I wasn't disappointed~

  7. =_= ugh, 4 straight weeks of having a stuffed up nose... not fun at all

  8. happy new year, everyone

  9. recently got Animal Crossing: New Leaf. Anyone play it? I need some friends x3

    1. Ryo Satsuma

      Ryo Satsuma

      I used to, but I haven't in forevers

  10. Merry Christmas/Yuletide, everyone. Hope you're enjoying it with your loved ones.

  11. just found out that my mom is type 2 diabetic, as well as has a bad case of spinal stenosis.

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