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Salvavus last won the day on January 7 2015

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  1. Just getting to that point where it's hard to keep going anymore.


    1. Miral


      Keep going anyway.  Don't give up!

  2. The art just isn't working. D:

  3. The art just isn't working. D:

  4. Burrrrrds are indeed awesome.

  5. Omg your Burd is adorbs.

    1. Salvavus


      Oh! Th-thank you ^v^
    2. KelsiiLuv


      You're very welcome :D
  6. Hey everyone! I've decided to finally start doing some commissions to get my art out there more. I'm going to start with some really simple $5 traditional pictures. These can be just about anything, just nothing over a PG-13 rating for now, and there's a limit of one character. Here's where you can find my best traditional work. http://wraithldr.deviantart.com/gallery/49640039/Traditional-Art PM me if you're interested. ^^
  7. Going to be making some simple hand-drawn animations.

    1. Naomi


      Can't wait to see!
  8. *BOOP!* I like the pixel pic ^^

  9. Must head to work. But I don't wanna. TvT

    1. Stoneheart


      Same story here too.

  10. *sniffle*......*cough*......*sniffle sniffle*.........*sneeze*

  11. Feeling a little empty.

    1. Spooky


      Empty breeds contempt.

  12. TFAM has one of the best sig gifs ever. xD
  13. TFAM might have the worst case of pink-eye I've ever seen. x3
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