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  1. ValerieXavier

    IRL Photos n' Shit

    Oh that's a super cute hair cut! I should post a picture again.
  2. ValerieXavier

    Last person to post wins.

    I love me some tequila rose and irish cream mixed, that or jag with blue rasberry koolaid.( yes i know im weird)
  3. Finally solved my 4x4 Cube XD

  4. ValerieXavier

    IRL Photos n' Shit

    Figured since its been awhile since I posted a picture so here we are.
  5. ValerieXavier

    Last person to post wins.

    I dont think Puff the magic dragon would be as good as i remember it if i watched it again... sad because i liked it back in the day.
  6. Your sona is so cuuuute omg

    1. ValerieXavier


      Thanks! your sona is even cuter then mine :)
    2. KelsiiLuv
  7. I might not be online for a week or so ill miss talking to you crazy furs~ Tequila rose out<3

    1. Hyliad


      I'll miss you too lovely

  8. Ah depression, how i did not miss your cold dark embrace.

  9. ValerieXavier

    IRL Photos n' Shit

    well i might as well join in on this