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thevoidkitsune last won the day on March 20 2019

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  1. Is there an updated invite to the Discord? I wanted to get back in but when I clicked the link here it said the invite was invalid 😞

  2. omfg i havent seen you in soooooo long!

    too bad you arent on much though ;-;

  3. Sooo. Who on here plays Pokemon X or Y? I want friend cooooooodes.

  4. For anyone who purchased art from me on here - My work is on hiatus atm... There's been a man coming to my door for the past few nights and he acts super sketchy each time... I'm home alone so I"m on edge right now. Not going to be arting anything 'til this is figured out or Hiro comes home. I'm sorry.

    1. braenuun


      Call the cops on that!
    2. thevoidkitsune


      That's the first thing I did. They have patrols going around our neighborhood now once it gets dark, 'til he either doesn't return for a few days, or they find him and figure out what he wants.
  5. Absolutely shameless bump for attention o.o 
  6. Played my first drinking game tonight with my husband... I'm doing pretty well (In fairness, I had mixed drinks... But it was about 7 1/2 shots of alcohol) and I'm pretty sure he's on the verge of being preeeeetty drunk... My poor woof had to drink so much more than me haha.

  7. Well... I can't start work with no information, haha. I'll send you a PM so we can work out details. 
  8. I'm always willing to help out a fellow Kitsune~ Unfortunately, what you see is what you get... I'm not that great at branching out of my own style yet. I couldn't guarantee an anime style. I could try, but there's no promises .-.; And since I'd prefer not to work for free I'd be a little worried about asking for payment on something I can't promise haha. 
  9. All of my commission info can be found here (Or here if you prefer deviantArt). My prices for something like this, kinda go based off of what sort of pic you want... If you want just a basic image of your character, to show what s/he looks like, it'd be around the same price as a full-body image for a single character. If you're looking for a ref, it'd be around the same price as one of my reference sheets. I'd be willing to work out a deal with you depending on what your budget is haha~ 
  10. I've finally gotten together info for all of the things I can do as far as commissions are concerned... So I'm open and looking to take commissions from people!    [sharedmedia=gallery:images:9462]   The sheet is just basic info... For more detail on what I can do, price detail, and more, check out the link below!    https://docs.google.com/document/d/1tN3YTA1LIsxR88I1Y01xlCZjnEMQocYLzM9OegXBMWU/edit   As of posting this, I AM open for commissions! But check either my FurAffinity or my To-Do list (Both linked in the sheet above) to see if I still am or not!    All art here belongs to me.   Pandora and Hiromi (Purple/Black/White Kitsune and Purple wolf) belong to my husband (WolfHiro13 on here) and I. The other characters belong to their rightful owners.   Feel free to PM me on here for commission info... Though I definitely prefer to work through dA, FA, or email. 
  11. I recently sat down to make my poor fursona a new reference sheet. She was in such desperate need for one haha. Her ref came out really well in my opinion, and the one for her mate (My husband(WolfHiro13)'s fursona) is coming out really well, too... So it's giving me courage. I'm looking to open up for a few slots, to take on some ref. sheet commissions!    How many I take is up to me... And it won't necessarily be first come, first serve. It'll be what I feel I can handle at the moment, what I know I can do, and what will give me a decent challenge to improve my skills while not killing me and ruining my mood for art right now .-.; If you're not picked, don't be upset... If this goes well, I'll prolly open up for more slots once this round of them is done!    -----   Examples will be shown below.   Before asking for a slot, make sure to read my terms of service. I have the right to refuse your commission if you do not follow them.    http://www.furaffinity.net/journal/6809689/   -----   Reference sheet prices vary depending on what you get on said reference sheet.    [sharedmedia=gallery:images:9456] [sharedmedia=gallery:images:9457]     All references include the header seen on the example(s) linked, as well as a brief description of their personality. Anything added to that header, or for more information added onto the reference sheet, will cost extra, as decided by me. That will be discussed upon finalizing the commission.    Prices are as follows:   Pose: $20 for first pose, +$15 for additional. Complicated poses can go for more (Will discuss).    Feral Form: $10   Headshot: $10 per headshot   Mouth View: $5   Price for shading will be determined by what is on the reference sheet.      So... As an example, for a reference sheet like Pandora's, it would cost a total of about $70, with the shading added in.   I can do/add other things, for an added price of course. The price will be determined based on what it is I am asked to do.    If you're interested in a slot, please comment below! I'll send you a note shortly thereafter to discuss specifics and determine whether or not I can take on your commission. 
  12. Life is so much better now that I've finally married my best friend. We could not be happier right now <3

    1. Quint


      Yay, congrats, void!
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