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  1. Woo sona is close to being done. He is a Kobold named Gizbar.

  2. Gizbar

    How often have you changed your fursona?

    Too many. Way more than should have. Like, maybe closing in on 50 or something, I have a problem.
  3. Not sure what fits me best, a pony, a dragon or a slime monster.....hmmm

  4. Gizbar

    IRL Photos n' Shit

    Newest photo. I need to shave and I miss my long hair. TwT
  5. New Bojack was great! Really enjoyed it.

  6. Red

    Happy Birthday! :dance:

  7. ahh 26 years. Time sure has raced by.

  8. Would anyone be interested in a Monster Hunter based roleplay?

  9. Gizbar


    Welcome to TR!
  10. Anyone planning a roleplay in the near future? I need one! 

  11. Gizbar

    Black Desert Online

    I’ve seen it and it looks interesting, sadly computers sucks too much to play it. Hope yah find someone to chat about it too.
  12. Gizbar


    Fullmetal alchemist I find is a great beginning one, or soul eater. fullmetal was my first some of my faves are Hero Academia and fullmetal, Naruto is good too. Interview with monster girls is a good one.
  13. Possibly. -nods-
  14. Woo got a switch today. Needs to be November now. x3

    1. Red


      Or does it!?

    2. Gizbar


      Yes. New pokemon. x3 Plus less heat.

  15. Gizbar

    Last person to post wins.