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  1. Hello!

  2. Hello!

    Welcome to TR! Make sure to check out the discord chat. ^w^
  3. Woo found the name, funny thing is...its kinda my rl name.

    1. braenuun




  4. Why are names the hardest part of characters for me? Ugh >w<

    1. Sparky15756


      Being original is tougher than it seems, and choosing a name that'll make your character stand out is important!

  5. Character Naming Help Needed!

    Oooh I'll add those to my list! Thanks!
  6. Hi there! I'm working on a new character/sona and have hit a brick wall with the name. So I'd love some input as I figure this out. Below is a rough image of him. He is a Changeling King from MLPverse. Most changelings are named after bug body parts or terms. Like Chrysalis, Cornicle, Thorax, and Pharynx
  7. Who is excited for the new season of MLP this month? WOO!

    1. IT.


      I'm still scared since I heard they might change the art style...

    2. Jeovani


      Nope, same style. ^w^ 5th Gen might change art style though but thats not for awhile.

  8. Get Ready To Duel!

    Lol, well most of mine are for when the enemy attacks. x3 Oooh and Jinzo, hate him so so much!
  9. Get Ready To Duel!

    Oooh I hate Ancient Gear, cause I need protection for my Ghostrick cards. x3
  10. Get Ready To Duel!

    Hello! I've recently begun playing Yu-Gi-Oh again on Duel Links and real life and wanted to ask, what would your deck be if you were in the anime? Mine would be a Ghostrick Deck. http://yugioh.wikia.com/wiki/Ghostrick
  11. Only Here for Butt Zephyrs

    Welcome to Tails Refuge!
  12. So, anyone seen the leaks for season 8? I heard whole eps even got leaked. x3
  13. Have a good 2018! May your year be filled with ponies and fun.

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Jeovani


      No. You will have fun. 

    3. Red


      MAKE ME!

    4. Ryokenohki


      I hope the ponies aren't in my apartment, there's not a lot of room and I feel like the management wouldn't approve

  14. I'm totally not going to say 'see you next year' When I go to sleep tomorrow. Totally. -winkyface-

    1. Ryokenohki


      The outlook on that seems...