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  1. Get Ready To Duel!

    Lol, well most of mine are for when the enemy attacks. x3 Oooh and Jinzo, hate him so so much!
  2. Get Ready To Duel!

    Oooh I hate Ancient Gear, cause I need protection for my Ghostrick cards. x3
  3. Get Ready To Duel!

    Hello! I've recently begun playing Yu-Gi-Oh again on Duel Links and real life and wanted to ask, what would your deck be if you were in the anime? Mine would be a Ghostrick Deck. http://yugioh.wikia.com/wiki/Ghostrick
  4. Only Here for Butt Zephyrs

    Welcome to Tails Refuge!
  5. So, anyone seen the leaks for season 8? I heard whole eps even got leaked. x3
  6. Have a good 2018! May your year be filled with ponies and fun.

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Pale


      No. You will have fun. 

    3. Red


      MAKE ME!

    4. Ryokenohki


      I hope the ponies aren't in my apartment, there's not a lot of room and I feel like the management wouldn't approve

  7. I'm totally not going to say 'see you next year' When I go to sleep tomorrow. Totally. -winkyface-

    1. Ryokenohki


      The outlook on that seems...


  8. Shy, New Girl

    Welcome to TR. Make sure to hit up the Discord.
  9. So. Working a roleplay but need some input. Which would you all prefer? A urban fantasty? A high fantasy? Need to know!! And do you want slice of life or adventure or monster of the week type deals?

    1. NezzytheFox


      High Fantasy is way awesome and a monster of the week sounds interesting

  10. Hi

    Welcome to TR.
  11. You know, I always thought I was a mage type person, but the past year or so I've felt like I'm not, I'm a Lancer/Dragoon type person. I don't know. -random pony-

    1. Ryokenohki


      so what you're saying is


      you're more of a kNight?

    2. NezzytheFox


      I used to try to be a knight/theif in games then after many deaths I found magic works best for me

  12. Someone should make a fantasy rp. I would but I suck at making rps. -derps-

  13. So! Who is pumped for monster hunter world?!

    1. Red
    2. LunarEdge


      I played the open beta, having never played any other title I can say I enjoyed it, although playing with friends is much better than soloing

    3. Ryokenohki


      I really hope it's good

      because I am super SUPER pumped

  14. You know, some days you feel like you know exactly who you are and then the next day, you're like 'wtf was I thinking? Thats not me. Who the fuck am I? What defines me? What makes me me and where do I fit in?'

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    2. Ryokenohki


      may we all embrace our change 

    3. Naomi


      NomiSage has spoken (•̀ω•́ )

    4. Red



  15. What type of monster would you say I am? Hmmm

    1. Naomi


      *must......resist......posting pic.....of.....Cookie Monster* (owo;)

    2. Red


      A changeling.

    3. Ryokenohki


      *thinks really really hard*

      3 gnomes in a suit