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  1. Would anyone be up for a Sonic OC roleplay? Probably a group one. 

  2. Hope y'all are doing good.

  3. Hope you all have a great weekend!

    1. Red


      It's alright so far. Thank you for asking! :3

  4. Road


    Welcome to TR! Hope yah enjoy your time here!
  5. Woo, got sona figured out and fixed up my profile a bit.

  6. I did a awesome today! I learned to restring AND tune my guitar! Woo!

    1. Red



  7. I don't need you to respect me, I respect me. I don't need you to love me, I love me. But I want you to know you could know me If you change your mind.

  8. Road

    Greetings everyone I'm new to the community

    Welcome to TR!
  9. Road

    What's your guilty pleasure band?

    That m&m guy. I forget how to spell his name. Only cause I generally hate his genre of music but not so much him.
  10. Merry Christmas Eve! And happy Holidays! 

  11. "For hearts long lost and full of fright,

    For those alone in Blackest Night.

    Accept our ring and join our fight,

    Love conquers all with violet light!"

    1. Red


      But can it dance!?

  12. Road

    IRL Photos n' Shit

    Got some new glasses!
  13. Woo! New Twitter! @WitchyRoad

    1. Red


      Mine is still suspended. 😕

  14. I need to do more on here. I spaced so hard on rp ideas I put up. So sorry!

  15. Road

    I guess I'll introduce myself.

    Welcome to TR!
  16. Woo sona is close to being done. He is a Kobold named Gizbar.

  17. Road

    How often have you changed your fursona?

    Too many. Way more than should have. Like, maybe closing in on 50 or something, I have a problem.
  18. Not sure what fits me best, a pony, a dragon or a slime monster.....hmmm

  19. Road

    IRL Photos n' Shit

    Newest photo. I need to shave and I miss my long hair. TwT
  20. New Bojack was great! Really enjoyed it.

  21. ahh 26 years. Time sure has raced by.

  22. Would anyone be interested in a Monster Hunter based roleplay?

  23. Anyone planning a roleplay in the near future? I need one! 

  24. Woo got a switch today. Needs to be November now. x3

    1. Red


      Or does it!?

    2. Road


      Yes. New pokemon. x3 Plus less heat.