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  1. What happened to the chat??? 0.o

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. Red


      They have a discord server set up until it's fixed. Just the announcements.

    3. Red
    4. Karma


      Ooooo okay. Thank you. XD

  2. Oy....when it rains it pours.....ugh....

  3. Still seriously needing help...we're out of the dangerous situation, and now in an RV that we're borrowing and trying to get a place to live. Problem is, just before we left, I got fired...so now I'm unemployed.


    Can't afford one yourself? Then refer someone who can and you will get the SAME TYPE OF PIECE THEY BUY!!

    That means if they buy a badge, you get a badge FOR FREE!


    If they purchase a full package, you get the same package FOR FREE!

    This is going for the next 30 days!!! May continue if needed!!!



    1. Cloud Silva

      Cloud Silva

      I'm going to share this with everyone I know, but not for the free bit. I hate seeing people homeless so I will do everything I can

  4. In serious need of help....life and death, no joke.

    My life, and the life of my fiance were threatened tonight by the landlady we are living with.

    All because I mentioned that her parties stressed out our now dead cat (whom is dead partially due to stress).

    We're moving into an rv to escape this hell and, with me having lost my job, needing as much help as we can get. I'm offering ALL traditional art, no real restrictions, and referral items as well.

    Any fetish, any style, any detail level.

    See more details here: https://www.furaffinity.net/journal/8296031/

    PM me here or comment here if interested!

    1. Luna Pumpkin

      Luna Pumpkin

      I wish i had money, but i dont, so i will refer everybody that follows me on fa to you :3

    2. Luna Pumpkin

      Luna Pumpkin

      all set, the post has been made

  5. I have been gone a long time. In that time, I've gotten engaged, lost a few friends, moved around a lot, had some family health troubles, and dealt with a lot of mental issues. Now I'm facing having to put down my best friend of 14 years. This is rough. She has been my baby since 11/13/03, my 13th birthday, and it's killing me to have to say goodbye. But she has been suffering for too long and it's time to say "no more".

    I love you my little Joy! You will be sorely missed! 

    1. braenuun


      welcome back and may there be peace for you in the sorrowful times!  May your fren find good rest.

    2. Rune


      Good to see you back and congrats about the engagement! I am, however, deeply sorry about the loss however, but it will be good to know the pet isnt suffering any longer. As for the lost friends, they can all go flip heck

    3. Karma


      Thank you both.

  6. Bronze artist challenge!!! Please come help me out! I need $250 in the next few days! Paying referrals will get you a 50% discount!!! This is an offer for Tails Refuge members ONLY!!!  http://www.furaffinity.net/journal/7757193/

  7. Emergency art stream! Needing upwards of 800 USD ASAP!!! PWYW Icons, $5 - $10 portraits! Finished tonight!!! https://picarto.tv/KarmasColors

    1. Red


      Wow, that's going to be a lot of portraits to hit that goal.

    2. Karma


      If I can even get just a portion that would be very very helpful.

  8. Read from the post "snow" to the one just before this out loud. The progression is priceless.
  9. Well whatever. Here it is regardless; http://www.furaffinity.net/view/13244611/
  10. I do not remember if I posted here yet or not... 0.o
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