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  1. no problem ^^
  2. im interested too and i do free stuff
  3. oh right. im sure theres something you can do. can you do art?
  4. perfect! any instrument will do ^^
  5. can you do or make music?
  6. you can do other things
  7. attention all! thoughs whom are animators or want a job in animating/voice acting/ editing/ or anything else. rockingwolf360 productions, created and in charge by me, is now hiring. if you want samples heres my profile on fa and click cartoons folder
  8. kk ^^
  9. sure! ^^
  10. sure
  11. hi all. rockingwolf360 here. ive been doing animations lately and getting pretty good at it and very soon would be posting some of it on youtube. however im curious and willing to do animation shorts or shows for whoevers interested. if so, post below. BARE IN MIND it needs to be PG-13 because youtube. but if you want naughty animations, just give me an idea what you want and ill make it and post on fa, or send it to you in email. also i like to point out, the animations are done in microsoft paint and windows movie maker. so dont expect anything fancy but like i said, im getting good at it. so like i said if interested in an animation, private, show, whatever, post below and tell what you want. ill be waiting and do my best ^^
  12. feeling all better ^^

  13. im sorry all im too sick to pm XP will try later

  14. hey bro. sorry i didn't respond on skype. was playing a cool game. but now my tablet crashed and im doing everything i can to get it fixed. until then im gonna be on tr for the time until my tablets fixed. if not then tell my robyn, inque, and alkiden about my problem and that i can be contacted on here, facebook, da, and fa T^T