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  1. Does Anyone Take Requests? (Gifts or Freebies)

    no problem ^^
  2. Does Anyone Take Requests? (Gifts or Freebies)

    im interested too and i do free stuff
  3. feeling all better ^^

  4. im sorry all im too sick to pm XP will try later

  5. hey bro. sorry i didn't respond on skype. was playing a cool game. but now my tablet crashed and im doing everything i can to get it fixed. until then im gonna be on tr for the time until my tablets fixed. if not then tell my robyn, inque, and alkiden about my problem and that i can be contacted on here, facebook, da, and fa T^T

  6. Hun? You there? I really miss you

  7. hey bro, im so sorry I haven't respond in Skype. stupid tablet probs. so we can rp here. sorry, but I don't have Skype anywhere else

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    2. rockingwolf360


      battery needs replacement and charge port broken

    3. Caine
    4. rockingwolf360


      yea D: but I have other ways for contact while its being repared. id sent you a message on Skype before I shut it down

  8. you ok? you haven't responded to my reply yet

  9. to all my friends, i apologize for my absence. been really busy writing my book. if you need me im on skype or pm me.

  10. robot master/ maverick free commissions. im gonna draw anyone as a master or maverick to there liking. if interested, comment below

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    2. rockingwolf360


      okays. master or maverick?
    3. Nyla


      mew mega man side i forgot the difference lol
    4. rockingwolf360


      masters is mega, mavericks is x. mavericks look like anthros while masters are based on objects and things. interested nyla?
  11. i now have a skype account! its josh fildes with rockingwolf 360 under it

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    2. rockingwolf360
    3. NekoBozo


      Need more info... Can't find you
    4. rockingwolf360


      my icon says mame showing a black arcade cabnet
  12. my dragon sona

  13. new sona