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  1. Work in progress, finally got some shit down on paper for once in..for fucking ever, still need to finish doing the hard ink for the boots before I can start on color work
  2. Can never, ever go wrong picking up some of Ray Bradbury's works, his short story collections are wonderful for a quick read, Quicker than the Eye, Golden Apples of the Sun, and if you want one that'll give you a little bit of the goosebumps reading it, try The Martian Chronicles, it's not scary, but it's a rather chilling read. he's also the writer that did Fahrenheit 451 as well which I still regret glossing over as much as I did when it was required reading back in high school
  3. buh, I haven't worn my fishhook in so long, I can't stop fucking with it now that I am wearing it for a long weekend

  4. I gotta get around to finding some inspiration to doodle again...

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    2. Buzzuki


      ...If I was looking for mechas, maybe

    3. Wolfy Prince of Pumpkins

      Wolfy Prince of Pumpkins

      Im happy you got that

    4. Jackie Irons

      Jackie Irons

      Vision what you haven't seen before and make it appear on paper, see what you've always wanted to see :P thats how i am with my music, I love making things I've never heard before.

  5. fuuuuuuuuck this heat....80 fucking degrees at one in the morning...this is regoddamneddiculous

    1. Chevremy


      Buhahaha suck it up buttercup ;)

    2. Buzzuki


      nuuuuh...that's what I have A/C for! Make it easier to sleep without sticking to everything! X3

  6. ....and suddenly I'm wondering which doctor was being mind always immediately goes to 'The Doctor' when someone asks that lol
  7. As much as I absolutely love ToS, I can only take so much of Kirk in one sitting lol ST: Enterprise is actually one of my favorites, a lot of that 'fancy' kinda feel is gone from it, and going through that struggle of first reaching out into deep space, just trying to survive, is just so interesting to me. I'm really looking forward to seeing what comes of the new one since it's supposedly set between Enterprise and ToS. As for Doctors, I....Probably gotta say Tennant is still my favorite, he brought so much life to the role that it's hard not to see his personality in a lot of aspects of the newer doctors, a few of the old ones even, Matt Smith wasn't nearly as bad as I was expecting such a strange lookin dude to be though, was actually a lotta fun to watch, Capaldi ended up playing it off really well too, but definitely Ten, Ten's still my favorite with his doofy, carefree optimism and sudden dangerous switch to serious when the time called for it
  8. I'll show ya some bad flirting lmao I honestly thought that coffee cup was part of the hand there for a minute, but also, so much yesssss, trek and scifi are pretty much what I base everything I do around, that and Warhammer 40k on ocassion, huuuuuge inspiration from Asimov and Doctor Who too, Scifi with a twist of possible is my weak spot Though I don't drink coffee, so....maybe I can have a few cans redbull or rockstar instead? lol unless it's deathwishcoffee....I've been meaning to try that for awhile, I have a bag of Valhalla Java I've literally never used aside from get a buzz off sniffing it
  9. Why on earth are adult sized pudding cups not a thing

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    2. braenuun


      I need an adult sized kid cuisine.  and an adult sized playground too.

    3. Rune


      Hungry man aaannnddd amusement parks

    4. braenuun


      lol I didn't say they didn't exist.  Just that I need them.



      and don't you mean AMERICAN NINJA WARRIOR CORSE?  The real adult jungle gym


  11. TR really needs to stop murdering my attempt at uploading a new icon


    1. Red


      But it's fun!

    2. Buzzuki


      but it's not! it keeps pixelating my attempts to upload a new icon and it's annoying as fuck

    3. Buzzuki


      well then....appearantly uploading an icon from mobile doesn't murder it nearly as bad

  12. well, that's fun, chat kicked me out, and now I'm getting an error trying to reload the chat

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    2. Buzzuki


      I dunno what was going on, but it looks like it's working now

    3. braenuun
    4. Rune


      It may have just been a server/host blip

  13. Happy Birthday!!!