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  1. It's always fun when life likes to throw you a wild card.  You think everything's going well and then BAM!  Turns out you've been fucking up for months and didn't know it.  ;_;

    1. Alenia Cearth

      Alenia Cearth

      When life gives you lemons. YOU SHOVE THEM UP LIFES BUTT

  2. I'm bad at updating this thing, but I'm going to try to get better...

  3. So much Christmas stuff. x_x Glad it's over.

  4. Hey there.  Welcome to the community.  :D
  5. This topic hasn't been touched in about a month, so I figured I'd try to bring it back to life since this is my first time seeing it.  ^_^   I played a lot last year about this time, then took a several month break for another game (WOW), but now I'm back.  Mostly play on my Asura Ranger or Engineer.  ^_^
  6. Doot doot doot. Stuff and things. Fluffy stuff.

  7. Finally upgraded some profile stuff. Not much, but some.

  8. Mate hinted that he is working on my birthday present, but that he is having a hard time with it because it's very personal, and I'm very picky. =/

    1. Zen :3

      Zen :3

      Aw. How are you picky?

  9. My mate is finally finished with college (at least for now). We can move on with our adult lives.

  10. Doing kind of a weird Throwback Thursday. Watching some old-school episodes of Thomas the Tank Engine, with narrator Ringo Starr.

    1. White


      Really? I thought I was the only one that still watched cartoons and tv shows from when I was that young. Guess not.

  11. Roommate moves in at the start of August. A butch lesbian living with a gay couple. This will be interesting.

    1. Garth


      I smell sitcom!

    2. White


      Yeah, does sound like that. Or a cheesy romance.

      On the other hand, no competition for you two, no hot guys to turn your heads lol.

  12. First potential roommate is coming tonight to see the house. Wish us luck!

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Coco


      She was very nice, and she has a dog. He was also very nice. Her dog and ours got along great, and she said that she loves the house and the huge backyard. So, looking good!

    3. Phausic


      Potential roommate/candidate for a threesome**

    4. White


      Urggh, a dog. That might be a deal breaker for me. It would depend on the dog but they freak me out a little.

      Might be different if I had a dog myself, I don't know. At least your two canine friends get on. That can be harder to fix than people not getting on, I think.

  13. Headed to Tennessee the weekend of June 28-29. Will be there with mom, but I'm sure I could slip away for a little while to hang out if anyone is nearby. :D

    1. White


      Damn this ocean between us lol.

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