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  1. I'm not completely dead... I just have classes, then work, and then Zelda happened...

    1. Carridwen


      I hear if you get a boss to hit a chicken the chickens will kill the boss for you.

    2. TwiSteDCBloSsoM


      There is a gif for that!

  2. I can only hope this week gives answers. I've exhausted all pain management options available to me and nothing will work anymore.
    Onto Surgery# too many to count.

  3. Didn't exactly go as planned, but that was the best night I've ever had. I really do have the best, best friend <3

  4. When you have to choose to let it all out and be free with the chance to easily be hurt again, or to continue to try and lock everything up and be content with life for the most part not being hurt...

    1. Samurai Kai

      Samurai Kai

      Hurt, how so? By another person or?

    2. TwiSteDCBloSsoM


      Life, People, Everything basically.

  5. TwiSteDCBloSsoM

    IRL Photos n' Shit

    Life when trying to go to sleep with the Satan spawn of a cat...
  6. On the plus side... at least I never have plans for Valentines anyways because it's going to be craptastic!

  7. Last day of freedom... Back to the grind of work and college tomorrow.

  8. The point is to NOT get sick during a mini vacation, even if it is brought on by excess amounts of ice...

  9. The good things in life:
    Managed to get prepped for the ice storm. Covered on the entertainment, light, blanket front and ability to cook food.
    Got packages shipped out.
    Got off work early.
    Managed to get a preorder of the Nintendo Switch.

    Now while the impending ice storm doom happens I'm not leaving the house till Tuesday.

  10. TwiSteDCBloSsoM

    IRL Photos n' Shit

    Replace with blanket in lab, and the 3 cats trying to play queen of the mountain. (They are all girls)
  11. 2017 is for sure worse for me than 2016 ever was.

    1. Taze


      *brings you yellow flowers* 

    2. TwiSteDCBloSsoM


      Well I hope there is some happiness in it. There is a tiny spark of maybe happy. Not sure on that one.
      Medically and Insurance wise... I could easily set that on fire and be content.

  12. TwiSteDCBloSsoM

    The Fur Above Me

    TFAM Hasn't even said hi to me since I got back!
  13. Why does snow have to be a thing?

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    2. Carridwen


      I'd like to let the kids play in the snow here but it's too cold for their tiny bodies. I don't have the clothing for them to do it. They have coats and gloves but not hats or pants for it. It's not even 20 here and it's only getting colder. 

    3. TwiSteDCBloSsoM


      Same here.. think the windchill in both our areas was -4F for most of the day. That's the main reason all the school canceled here other than the snow that isn't being plowed. Boss said something about certain areas of the state not doing residential areas or side roads for budget purposes.

    4. Carridwen


      Yeah if you live there you're just sol. 

  14. Hoping everyone has a Happy New Year's Eve and Happy New Year!

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    2. Hyliad
    3. TwiSteDCBloSsoM


      Well at least I'm not the only one that doesn't forsake the sleep. I will tell someone else Happy New Years in their time. Then just pass out before mine. There is no reason for me to stay up here.

    4. Hyliad


      Yeah I feel ya. I'll probably be awake coz insomnia, but I'm not gonna celebrate it

  15. TwiSteDCBloSsoM

    The Food Game

    Are you talking the candy? Haven't seen it spelled that way if so... at least the beginning and end letter would be the same. Elote is corn with like a spread on it.. around here we call it Mexican corn. Spicy tangy goodness spread all over hot grilled corn. Hmmmmm.... Salami Since I was just talking about it and want some now.