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Kit Silver

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Kit Silver last won the day on December 6 2016

Kit Silver had the most liked content!

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  1. Goodbye. I'll see you in the next emanation.

    1. Tombax


      Farewell, brother. I'll see you around ;3

    2. Yukine
  2. Ooooo~ a new avi? I like it a lot!! ^w^

  3. When I drop my mix tape

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Kit Silver

      Kit Silver

      you should get that checked honey.

    3. Chinona


      Ohhh wow the Wit of Kit is like his mix tape.

    4. AeroLombax


      When I drop my mixtape


  4. ever say something stupid and decide the best course of action is to get a pair of tweezers and pull out some facial hair?
    me neither

    1. ShirHytop
    2. Leogon


      You say that, but you have done that, on several occasions.

  5. it's 1893 again, lets get ready for the titanic and the great war!
  6. i'm going to take chinona out on a leash to play in the garden~ P.S. we own a trampoline
  7. i cant remember, but i know a springy bed works better than the piece of shit bed i got now.
  8. I want to have sex on a trampoline. But i'm so unsure because i think i might have done that already.
  9. cold starting the morning with a meme
  10. is getting the same treatment, but large objects will get involved
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