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Found 2 results

  1. I don't want to die alone. But I know I will. Family can only be so close. A sinking ship, storm brewing, and a lonely island. Solitude is comfortable, only for the first few moments. Once stuck, its hard to break free. We all will go someday. I just don't want to. Go alone.
  2. braenuun


    This is a background to a picture that I ahve but apparently havent loaded to teh internets anywhere. I'll link it when i scan and upload. PICTURE There was smoke from the grenades rising all around me. Comrades fell left and right from the shells that barraged us from all sides. Plasma cannons assaulted our position. Breaths silently seeped through the shattering explosions, and I heard the despair from their souls. I was in this war not for victory. "I didn't come here to win this war, men," I said, covering my face to block a wave of shrapnel, holding tight to the blue heart pendant in my fist. "If you didn't know, those bastards stole something of mine. I want it back." "What'd they steal?" "They stole the person I love the most." I pulled myself over the edge of the foxhole and fired rounds into the frey, taking each step solidly and boldly, aware of every bullet that sailed past my body. The troops behind me rolled out and followed suit, coving my position, surpressing the incessant fire that ebbed from the front ahead. Though, one by one the men behind me fell, they pressed forward, constantly at my heels, firing as if they wouldn't live to fight again. I didn't know where I was going. I couldn't see much past a few yards of dead soldiers ahead of me. I sure as hell couldn't hear much of anything. That instinct that had driven me since the day they took Ardyn from me, that has driven every step of my search for her. The fur on the back of my neck stood up. My ears perked and turned at the sound of a battlecry. Another battalion of men pressed forth a handful of meters away, and within my range of sight, a woman tore through them, hurling plasma into their ranks. There was a fury in her eyes that seemed misplaced, a fury I knew but didn't, at this point, understand. Ardyn fought without grace, driven by pure anger. My gaze was broke by a blade plummeting down toward my head, beckoning me to defend myself and fight. Each of those men that fought with me fell without my knowing. The battle was feirce, and it was a task to keep myself alive. With a swipe of my gun, I concussed a foe, and no sooner had he cleared my line of sight than did a surge of plasma rip into my left abdomen, tearing apart my arm, spewing my gut, and burning me shut with a force to throw me to the ground. Dazed, I saw the sky, the blood red sky, sending the dark clouds above me. I felt pain, I knew pain. I...I knew that I had come not to win the war. I had come for her. But she shot me. I'm dying. I'm dead and there's no way that I can possibly survive. Tears from the sorrow welled in my eyes, though I couldn't sob with half my body blown away. What can I even do now? Despair flooded me, and I lay and cry until a soldier was blasted over me, slightly bumping the glove of the arm that was severed. Ardyn's heart pendant still rested, stuck between the joints of the glove. The arm of my suit was still connected though my arm was severed, and my mission returned to my head. You came for her, child. Win your war. By some act of God, I turned and propped myself up on my gun, slowly fumbling to my feet, my insides bleeding and moving outward. Both friend and foe alike stopped and stared at my smoking corpse rising and walking acrossed the battlefield. "Ardyn!!" my foes called out. "Ardyn?" my comrades questioned. "Ardyn," I whispered. "I came for you, Ardyn." She released the soldier's throat in her hand, at which point he tried to strike, and a comrade disabled his strike. Ardyn's anger instantly washed away with joy and then an instant, overwhelming sorrow. She let out a cry as her bloodied hand came over her mouth. Sobs pulsed over her, and tears rushed from her eyes. Frozen by the shock, I was forced to walk to her. With every step, dust puffed from beneath the boots on my feet. The sound nearly boomed with the silence around us. Our eyes were locked, both with rivers flowing down our cheeks. At last, I came to her, stared into the eyes that I had known, the eyes that held the passion for my soul, the eyes of she who brought me out of complacency to my destiny, and I collapsed into her arms. Relief flooded my veins, and sorrow flooded my heart. However, everything was right. She held me, and she was free. My mission was complete. "Ardyn." "They told me your men killed you," she sobbed. "I came for you."
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