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Found 8 results

  1. This is a short story I made a few months ago. The original story is not furry, but I made adjustments to the version I'm uploading here. I will upload chapters regularly. Ch1: The Boy at the Bus Stop He was alone in the pure white world. The snow seemed to gather around him as the pale feline stood staring down the road. He wore an eggshell colored jacket with off-white pants that blended in flawlessly with the winter storm. The cat's hair was a fine silver; almost translucent against his fair pelt. He pushed it aside absently as his gaze traveled from down the road to where I was standing on the other side. It took me a minute to register that I was caught in his icy blue gaze. I shuffled nervously. The kitty went to my school, but he and I never spoke to each other. He was sort of artsy, and I was...NOT artsy. I occassionally saw him at football games but beyond that, he was a stranger. However, I had this sudden urge to talk to him. Maybe it was becuase he was so weird looking, or maybe it was his aloof nature. I can't quite say. Dispite myself, walked over toward him as quick as I could. He jumped, startled by my sudden rush at him. I slowed down a little and stood beside him, awkwardly facing down the road. It suddenly dawned on me that he was waiting at the bus stop. "Six? " I asked glancing up at the numbers on the bus sign. The boy nodded, his pale colored eyes fixed on me. " Yeah," He replied. His voice was calm and wistful. "I'm going on bus six to the mall. You too?" "Yeah, I need to buy some pants." I lied as best as I could. I was just out and about; I wasn't going anywhere in particular. "I'm Snow." The boy said extending his hand. "You're Greyson, right? Greyson Marx?" "Yes...I am..." I gripped his paw roughly and shook it. He had a nice grip for a small guy. "How do you know me?" The pale cat shrugged. "Eh, you're pretty well-liked amongst the girls at school." I smiled inwardly; he was absolutely right. TSHHHHH!!! I jumped, completely unaware of the bus pulling up behind me. Snow shook his head and stifled a chuckle. "Come on, Greyson, get on the bus if you want pants." He called stepping into the sliding doors. His teasing got the better of me, and I rushed to the bus behind him.
  2. Now all I need is money and my fursona is set. Here's everything you need to know about me and what I look like in the fictional furry realm. Hello there. I would like a reference sheet commission. Here is all the information on my fursona, things I like and dislikes, and references I used to get my coloring choices done. If you have any questions, feel free to contact me on FA or Skype(johnsfuentes.) Thanks. Greninjohns Age: 19 Gender: M Dating Preference: Bi Occupation(IRL): Cart Pusher Species: Greninja (Pike Likes: Videogames, Running around, Puns, Meteorology. Dislikes: Verlisify, Spicy food, Humid Weather, Two-faced Politics(lying). Personal Quote: Determination fuels the will to succeed. Willpower determines your destiny. They both answer where you'll be going and how you'll get there. Personal Bad Pun: Oh, so I'm not your type? Well, my hidden ability can fix that for you if you like. http://imgur.com/G0n1MmUSpeaker http://imgur.com/aRrk1fyReflective vest http://imgur.com/HepzpS8Color choices+Ref http://imgur.com/CgzQ2RoMain Ref http://imgur.com/TAlNQAtShirt, Jeans, belt. http://imgur.com/V7S4jIaBoots, Armitron watch.
  3. So, after giving it some thought I came to the conclusion that it would be a good idea to post a discussion about the appeal of the furry fandom and why it attracts so many people despite it being social suicide in some places.  (P.S, please excuse my really formal writing style despite being in a casual form. Just a habit I picked up from college English.  I just find it makes it look neater and easier to read. P.P.S, the indentation on this thing is weird.)   So anyways, to start us off, the most common thing I've found among furries who stick around for a long time is the acceptance and sense of family.   It doesn't matter what walk of life you've come from, where you've been or what you've done, once you're a furry you're family.  And I find that to be a beautiful thing!  It's sad that it's so rare these days.  I for one have changed for the better because of it.  It's because of furries that I came to terms with my homosexuality and just recently, my more feminine side.   Another thing that drew me in is just how polite most furries are.  I've lost count of how many times I hear peoples opinions on furries change after meeting furries simply because of how polite we tend to be (for the most part, there are exceptions as in everything).  One such example is an article a friend sent me about some people who got caught in a hotel during a furcon and how they once believed the stigma until they were met with the unusual kindness of the furries there despite the fact these same furries have rarely been treated as nicely as they were by these journalists.   Lastly, I think it goes without saying no one and no group is perfect.  As we examine what makes us so attractive despite our stigma as a fandom, we should work on ways to make ourselves even more welcoming.  Maybe one day we will outlive our stigma.  The biggest of which is our stigma for being nothing but perverts with weird fetishes.  And believe me, I've met the truth behind this stigma and even bare some of the responsibility.  I've let myself go before and probably left some bad influences.  However, I have since learned from my mistakes.  So make your comments below!  Tell us what makes the fandom so appealing to you and how you think that we can do better!  I don't expect a radical change from this.  My hopes is for a few self improvements that might cause a ripple effect.  Mahatma Gandhi once said, "Be the change you wanna see in the world."  I do my best to do that, and I think that if we as a fandom truly wanna "clean up" and get rid of our bad rep, we need to follow this rule.  So far it seems we're doing a good job though!  One thing that should never change, keep being weird because normal is over rated! <3    
  4. Since the other got adult too quickly, here's a PG version. For all your clean foxy needs, come here!
  5. You know why I have a amphibious fursona? I'm great in bed and in the shower! What do you call when a person kills the U.S President of nintendo? -Regicide "Ay, Nicobay! Wanna go bowling?" I sometimes jerk off with only my wrists. Is that killed FOREplay? A fat man falls through his second floor of his house. He wants to fix that. Congrats on the ground breaking discovery. In Undertale, why does asriel get it so hard? I mean, you think people should leave the KID alone, right? I always wondered why people don't insert stuffing into the meat of their choice. Isn't that why there's a sandwich called the phil-a-steak? **Precedes to selfie with an adorable Gekkouga plushie imported from Japan.** ...gonna call it a night...eheh. Is that how I do monkey business around these parts? Oh well...I am one handsome devil am I...ain't ashamed 'cause no one knows my real name. GG
  6. Wells, kinda making this thread as an attempt to sort of.. connect better I guess with the community .w. Also there doesn't seem to be another thread about this, besides Fursona Theme but that's different than your favorite song :o Sooooo, here it goes, maybe get a sense of what kinda music we all like~ One of my most favorite songs is After the Storm by Mumford & Sons, it's a very hopeful song that reminds me that good things will come when I'm in a low point of my life. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EMsTSdHIJds Also, could someone help me learn to post youtube links in video form? I don't know how .-. But hopefully you all like this topic hehe ^^;  
  7. Hello this is your friendly female kitsune scientist or Dr. Beze and I will to hear from you. Currently I am writing with two very good people Anon_Darking and Braenuun. Both are brilliant writers and friends but I wish to know about the other writers on this site. Tell me here if you are a reader and how do you feel about our stories. Are they not forward, slow, or need something extra? feel free to give me your ideas and thoughts about the two stories.
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