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Found 1 result

  1. So my art commissions are open I figure I might as well toss everything all on one new thread... Since you know I might as well share art as I finish. My primary Commission Guide for the moment: Prices are as follows: (Canadian Dollars!) Icons - $5-$10 Badges - $25-$35 (25 for bust 35 for full body laminating included as well as lanyard) - Shipping inside Canada included Sketches - $10 (no background one character only) Line art - $15 (no/minimal background) +$7 for extra character or background Flat color - $25 (no/minimal background) +$10 for extra character or background Shaded - $35 (no minimal background +$20 for extra character or background Traditional or Digital Render - $50 + (price is dependent on details of character, pose and background) Basic Ref Sheets - $40 (front and back nude or basic clothed, with up to 3 detail shots *tattoos, piercings, paw colors etc*) +$5 per facial expression ** Specialty Ref Sheets $70 - Front, back and side, with 3 detail shots, 2 expressions, 2 clothing options ** Mediums - Digital, pencil crayon (prismacolor), pencil, and copic, watercolor and gouache. ** Will attempt to set up a camera chat in order to get colors correct Will do: Mecha Feral Anthro Nudity Pin ups Any species Any gender (male, female, herm...) Hetero couples Homo couples Adult Art If it is not on this list you can ask, but no guarantees. Current Sale: Todays bit of pretty is brought to you by Jake. Who decided he was going to not get a touch up today on his hand and got this instead. This is just the out lines and the shading It's a mixture between Sailor Jerry and Modern tattooing. So it will be full color in the end.
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