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Found 3 results

  1. Does anyone else here develop their own games like I do? I am working on Thunder: A Hero's Welcome - The Game, and Five Nights At Thunder's which is possibly going to turn out to be a bad fan game.
  2. After seeing some pictures, reading a couple of great stories and talking to some friends, I had to put this here. I suppose one could consider this a reference post; a place where I will put all my character bibles and any new ones that come along. I figured it was time...anyways, without further ado; here they are. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Name: Anon Darking Age: 24 Height: 6' 4" Gender: Male Weight: 186 lbs. Species: Wolf Eye Color: Blue Hair Color: Black Fur Color: Primarily Black Personality: Though he's a serious and focused individual, there are times when the puppy comes out in him and he can be a fun and outgoing wolf. He is very protective of friends and family and for as young as he is, there are times when he can surprise people with his wisdom. For a young kid named Zach, Anon is the ideal father-figure, he's sympathetic, understanding and provides guidance in times of confusion and a safe haven that Zach can go to when things start to spiral out of his control. Due to his skills and personality, he has found a successful career as a massage therapist in the town of New Haven. As an added bonus for his profession, he has shown little to no interest in a romantic relationship which a lot of people consider abnormal and some of his co-workers even joke that he's broken. Despite his cool head however, he can quickly fly off the edge if someone tries to hurt anybody who's close to him and is not above seriously injuring or even killing anyone he sees as a threat to himself or his family when the red cloud descends. Link to Ref Image: http://www.furaffinity.net/view/17927359/ ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Name: Inigo Vrieclis Age: 20 Height: 6' 0" Weight: 165 lbs Gender: Male Species: Fox Eye Color: Amber Hair Color: Not Applicable Fur Color: Orange and white Personality: If there is an almost exact opposite of Anon, it would be his housemate Inigo. Energetic and fun loving, Inigo not only loves to be a mischevious fox sometimes, he sees it as part of the definition of being a fox...however, when the time does call for it, he can be serious and may even prove to be a little out of control of anything is done to hurt his friends or family and despite his inherent knack for causing trouble, he is loved by a young kid named Zach for the comfort, reassurance and fun he brings to their makeshift family. Due to his preference for males, he is also someone Zach goes to when he needs a friend to lean against, someone to talk to or just someone to keep him company and Inigo is always happy to accommodate. Given his ear for music and talent on instruments, Inigo has found a successful career as a DJ for a nightclub in New Haven. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Name: Zachary Woods Age: 12 Height: 5' 5" Weight: 95 lbs. Gender: Male Species: Human Eye Color: Light Blue Hair Color: Blonde Fur Color: Not Applicable Personality: Zach is a quiet and reserved kid. Due to past experiences and his current situation, he's afraid and distrustful of anyone who isn't close to him. Despite these shortcomings and him suffering through depression, he's a smart individual and talented artist. To help himself cope with everything, he turns to art, with the characters that he most connects with being Anon and Inigo. Upon discovering that the world that he created does exist, he has found a new place to call home and two furries he now considers his family. With the support of Anon and Inigo, he is finding that the days seem brighter and things don't look so hopeless for him...even so, he still fears that if he does something wrong or makes them unhappy, they won't see the point in letting him stay anymore. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Name: Arman Cayne (Nova) Age: 35 Height: 6' 9" Weight: 225 lbs. Gender: Male Species: Wolf Psion Eye Color: Light Blue and Purple (They blend and flicker like a fire) Hair Color: Black with glowing Light Blue tips Fur Color: Black and grey, the edges of his markings glow blue and purple Personality: N/A This character is brand new and is still UNDER DEVELOPMENT (Like seriously, I just thought of this one). I will post any extra information here, but if I like this character enough, they may be my other sci-fi RP one. Link to Ref Image: http://www.furaffinity.net/view/18259310/ (Because I still can't figure out how to upload pictures to a post...that or my PC is just being temperamental about it). --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Please note that I have no intention of using any of these characters for NSFW situations. I understand that that is a large part of the fandom, but I'm not comfortable with putting them in those kinds of situations.
  3. I actually only have one character atm, I'm brainstorming a second one, (going to make a red panda). My first character I dragged through a zombie rp and I didn't have her fully written up yet, so I just made it a part of her story and now I'm planning a new rp that's actually a continuation of her story: Etain Description: 28 Female Snow Leopard(anthro), Cobalt eyes, 5'6" toned, curvy body Personality: Independent, but capable of being a team player. She is very compassionate and doesn't hesitate to put the wellbeing of others before herself. Due to the tragic death of a child in her care during the zombie apocalypse, she does have an aversion to getting too attached to anyone, it also causes her to have panic attacks. Because of this she can be a little standoffish around new people. Gear: She carries around a pack designed to wear smoothly even in feral form. Within this pack she carries ammo, herbs necessary to enhance her shaman abilities, a ceremonial dagger, 2 water skins of ancestral water and a small amount of food and drink along with a change of clothing. Weapons: .256 Winchester Magnum, .44 Ruger Redhawk, Smith & Wesson M+P9 Shield (9mm) and a hunting knife. Noteworthy: Due to the extended amount of time she spent purging the taint from her body, her eyes now glow permanently. She also has the ability to create telepathic connections with others, Some are permanent and some can wear off, but once she's had a connection to them, even if it's worn of, she can communicate with them if they're touching her. She also mistakes this ability for being a shaman ability and while shaman form a telepathic connection with their mates, that is the only form of telepathy they have. Etain grew up in a small tribal village in northwestern Canada where she was taught to hunt, fight and use basic shaman powers. Shortly before her 25th birthday she returned from a hunting trip to find her entire village empty.As she began to search for them the earth became tainted, turning most creatures into zombies. She ventured south to try to discover the cause and help any survivors make it out alive. Along the way she met a fox in her early teens named Anya. She traveled with Anya for almost 6 months before Any became infected and Etain was forced to kill her. Etain was torn by the loss, barely able to deal with the guilt killing the young fox had caused. She wandered alone for months until she ran into a group on the verge of discovering what was behind the taint. By this time she had noticed that the taint was piggybacking on the energies she used as a shaman and slowly killing her. Despite her best efforts, she became attached to two members of the group. An immortal wolf named Stoneheart and a Kinkajou named Donut. As her own encroaching mortality began to weigh heavily on her, she had to leave them, hoping they could purge the taint without her. So she sat, secluded in her village working tirelessly to purge the taint that was eating away at her until she was sure she could survive.
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