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Found 3 results

  1. Food Game ok, you take the last letter of a food and try to come up with a new food word   Steak.   Next should start with a K, simple right?   Foreign foods are allowed but use the English name if possible. If not, the native name is fine.
  2. A story of two people, Johnny and MadJack. MadJack: "We are all puzzle pieces, john. All of us. But now, most of the puzzles have unfit puzzle pieces. Are you an unfit puzzle piece?" Johnny: "I ask myself that constantly. I've yet to get an answer." ------- Johnny: "Who are you Jack? Why are you helping me solve my self inflicted puzzle?" MadJack: "Ah, another question from the man full of them. I can't really answer that, besides, you already know why..." Johnny: "Well. I guess the next step in solving the puzzle would be to see how other pieces fit into it. Right?" ------- MadJack: "Have you found your answer to whether or not you're an unfit piece? Finding the right place is half the puzzle..." Johnny: "...no. Not yet. But perhaps I-" MadJack: "PERHAPS you're hiding from yourself, hiding from the reality that you don't want to see. You can't run from YOURSELF Johnny. You can't. Wake up Johnny, just wake up and accept it." Johnny: "Jack, you don't understand, do you? I AM in control of myself, I don't need to run. I'm fine. Look, the puzzle is almost finished." ------- Johnny: "See, told you I would finish it Jack. Now what. Huh? Now. WHAT." MadJack: "Fine. I guess you really don't need me anymore...or at least that's what you think. You're not solving the real puzzle, just dancing around it. Good luck solving it. I won't be helping you. In fact, I was...all...in your....h..." Johnny: "Good. You're gone. It doesn't matter if I don't feel whole, if I don't feel happy. I really do though. I just think I'm not happy. I just think I'm not whole." ------ ~fin~
  3. [color=purple]Arman Cayne[/color]...codename: [color=purple]Nova...[/color] A unique being who can manipulate the world around him and those who inhabit it... We're unsure of how he came to be, or if there are anymore of his kind... He simply appeared before us one day...and since then, he has been an invaluable asset to the <INSERT NAME HERE> Though there is no official account of his origins, one marine remembers that day because on that day, it was Nova who saved her from the enemy and brought her back to us... --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- [color=green]INTIALIZING RECORDING...[/color] [color=green]TRANSMISSION START...[/color] "Jumping in 3...2...1...mark..." The dropship stretched as the SRJD powered up. A dull boom echoed through the vast expanse of space as the ship stretched and warped...after a brief flash of white light, it rattled in the planet's atmosphere as it left the shock layer...and then everything went quiet. The marines aboard the ship did some last minute checks on their equipment...each of them giving the others a solemn look. They already knew that not all of them were going to make it...they were rookies, fresh from bootcamp with no prior combat experience aside from simulations...their squad leader was a tigress named Xiomara...the top graduate of her class. Above them, the Terran and Anthro fleets pounded each other, fighters and bombers flying in between them, trying to cripple the enemy capital ships...below them, all hell was breaking loose. Tracers flew in between burning wreckage, mangled metal and scorched rocks...pillars of smoke dotted the battlefield as fires burned and embers took to the sky. Dead bodies of both terrans and anthros littered the field...and still the battle intensified as each side grew more desperate to take the other one out. "Hold onto something!!" one of the pilots yelled as the dropship shuddered under AA fire. Plumes of smoke exploded around it as shells tried to target the small aircraft...the Marines had to trust their pilots to get them to the ground safely, the only thing they were able to do being hold onto the leather straps hanging above them. Xiomara made her way to the ramp, trying to remain calm as she tossed each of her squad members a carabineer. The purring of the engines turned into an almost deafening roar as she lowered the doors and the explosions from the shells seemed to echo as the passenger bay was exposed to the environment around them. The dropship circled the landing zone as it tried to get low enough to drop off it's cargo without being taken down... Xiomara steadied her breathing and tried to calm herself down as the grappling lines fired and dug into the ground, without further delay, she strapped herself to the line and slid down, releasing herself from her line as she touched down. She looked behind her as her men did the same...and then the dropship took a direct hit from a shell. One of them was caught in the explosion, the other seven fell, but made it thanks to their body armor. On her HUD, Xiomara saw one of the soldier icons go red meaning he was confirmed KIA. "Damn it...alright, we can't stay here much longer, we need to move now!!" she barked as pieces of wreckage flew around her squad. "What about Private Ghost sir" one of her subordinates asked. "He's dead" she said as she sprinted towards the nearest building of the facility she could find. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- [color=purple]Where am I...I feel...different...[/color] [color=cyan]Welcome to the land of the living. You've been in suspense for quite some time...[/color] [color=purple]It's warm...[/color] [color=cyan]A little to warm if you ask me...[/color] [color=purple]Who are you?[/color] [color=cyan]Your spirit...[/color] [color=purple]Spirit...but...doesn't that mean I'm dead?[/color] [color=cyan]Not exactly...you have much to learn young Psion...our people...their intellect, their beliefs, their history...you possess everything we once were...[/color] [color=purple]Once?[/color] [color=cyan]Yes...you're one of the last of your kind...[/color] [color=purple]You said I've been in suspense...what does that mean?[/color] [color=cyan]You are frozen in time...the Keepers made sure of that...[/color] [color=purple]To preserve me?[/color] [color=cyan]Yes...[/color] [color=purple]Why?[/color] [color=cyan]I don't know...but they obviously foresaw something great in you...in us...[/color] [color=purple]Is there anyone else?[/color] [color=cyan]Not that I've been able to detect...[/color] [color=purple]What should we do?[/color] [color=cyan]Well for starters...it may help if you woke up...[/color] [color=purple]Woke up...?[/color] The glass grew foggy as the ice began to melt within a beat up stasis pod in a long forgotten facility...forgotten though it was, heat from the surface found its way into the room as a dying star's solar flare engulfed the planet in blue fire scorching buildings in a city that was no longer inhabited. The surface was barren and lifeless...many buildings had already given way to the test of time and those that stood were blackened and deformed as time and again metal panels were melted and then cooled only to be melted again. There was no life on this barren planet, just rock for miles around and the charred remains of cities long since been made relics of a time that had already passed. The stasis chamber hissed as it vented cool air into a large circular chamber filled with stasis pods that had already popped open or thawed out. Dried husks were all that were left of corpses that had fallen out of their pods before the thawing cycle had completed. The smell of rot and decay was heavy on the air, pods had fallen where they once stood with mere corpses as their cargo and some had cracked windows, missing panels, deformed doors and even shattered glass. When his pod's cycle had completed, the door hissed open revealing a Black and Grey wolf with a strange fur pattern. His chest rose and fell steadily as he began to awaken...the only life in a room full of death. Upon opening his eyes...his pupils flared up and a blue and purple fire danced in them...such was the way that they flickered and glowed. Light blue highlights in his hair winked into existence and intensified until they were glowing a bright blue...the edges of the markings on his fur took on the same hue as the highlights in his hair and purple energy pulsed across them. A faint aura seemed to emanate from his very being and his silver claws illuminated themselves light blue. His mind was foggy and he reeled as the scent of death hit him. His vision was blurry and he felt dizzy as he rubbed his head with his paw. Wait until you gain your equilibrium before you move...and be warned...what you are about to see isn't pretty... When his vision came back into focus and the dizziness subsided, he stood himself up unsteadily and had to use his pod for support...he had been immobile for so long...when he felt confident enough, he took a small step...and then another...and then another as he worked his way down to the floor. His feet padded softly on the fractured stone floor and looking around, he saw the source of the smell. Everywhere, his kin lay dead and rotting...their lights had left this world...some were already skeletons. A hole in the roof was the only lighting in the dim chamber...but Nova saw everything as plain as day thanks to his enhanced vision. His glow cast itself on the walls and ground...giving the place an eerily quiet atmosphere. Looking down, he saw that he had no clothing...in fact, none of the bodies did. As he made his way through ancient stone halls, the only sound he heard was the tapping of his claws on the floor that reverberated on the walls. [color=purple]What happened here?[/color] He looked around in the rooms that dotted the corridor and found nothing of value...ahead if him...there was a light. He followed it and was immediately blinded as he walked out into another large chamber and into the light of day. When his eyes adjusted, he saw that he was in the&nbsp;entrance to a large temple. Scorched pillars stood guard in front of a blackened and deformed statue on an equally blackened marble pedestal. In front of the temple lay the skeleton of a skyline... [color=purple]This used to be a city...a grand one at that...[/color] Squinting, he saw a massive blue sun on the horizon, solar flares constantly erupted from it as it lay in its death throes. [color=purple]The sun is dying...[/color] [color=cyan]It is...it also means that you have little time to get off this planet...[/color] [color=purple]How...?[/color] [color=cyan]There is a Star Gate on the other side of this city...it was among the most important buildings in the government district. But you must be cautious young Psion...that star is in it's death throes and scorches the planet with intense heat and radiation...the radiation...you are immune to...but the heat will turn you to ash in a matter of seconds...we must proceed with the utmost caution lest you die here after you have just awoken.[/color] Nova nodded and took a deep breath. The hot air seared his lungs and he had already begun to sweat from the intense heat. He could see heat waves dancing across the landscape and rising from panels of the buildings. The ground shook beneath him and his instincts told him to duck behind the pedestal. He heard a thunderous roar as fire engulfed the planet and streamed through the ruins. He felt the heat of the flames as they traveled around him...the pedestal being the only thing that provided him with protection. He heard the metal statue above him hiss and pop as it was liquidated once more and the top of the statue was set alight as the metal melted. [color=cyan]Shield yourself Nova...or you'll be injured.[/color] Looking up, he saw drops of glowing liquid metal and put his arms above his head instinctively.In a matter of seconds a blue dome of energy formed around him. The metal hissed as it made contact with the barrier and slid down the dome and to the floor. Nova looked up, shocked as the shield dissipated. His attention was brought to his hands as a blue and purple energy rose from them. It looked like smoke and Nova stared at them in awe until the energy disappeared. [color=purple]I did that...but...how?[/color] [color=cyan]In due time you will learn, but for now you must make haste to the gate.[/color] Nova nodded and began the trip, trying to anticipate the next solar flare... --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Xiomara grunted as a bullet grazed her cheek and returned fire, ducking quickly behind the ruined wall as her and her squad were suppressed yet again. She reached for a grenade, pulled the pin and waited. As soon as the gunfire stopped, she closed here eyes, took a deep breath and threw the explosive. As soon as it made contact with the ground, it exploded and a Terran screamed in agony, blood mixed with sand as body parts landed on the ground. On the other side, she heard groaning as and then fired off her gun. Three of her squad members chucked their own as she and the other&nbsp;two members of her squad lay down suppressive fire. Three more explosions followed shortly after the gunfire and then the enemy marines went silent. Xiomara peeked out from behind the wall and waited...when she wasn't shot at she motioned for her squad to move deeper into the broken building. Her and two squad members provided cover for the rest of them as they moved further into the building and then rejoined them. Outside, the sun had begun to set and the anthros kneeled on the ground thankful for the temporary break. Xiomara checked her HUD and closed here eyed and looked away as three other figures had gone red confirming four of them had already been KIA. She checked her mags, only three were left and she looked at her subordinates. "Well...we beat them..." she said in a tired voice. "Yeah...but we've already lost four to them...damn humans..." one of her squadmates retorted, clearly tired and moody. "What's their problem anyways?" another one agreed kicking the wall. "Who knows? We're expected to kill them...that's the only certainty in this whole thing...&quot; Xiomara said looking out the window. &quot;I just hope that in the end, it's worth it." She stood up and slung her rifle over her shoulder. "We'd better get going...they're going to bomb out this building shortly..." Her squadmates cooperated and they made their way out of the building. As they ran across an open expanse between the facility buildings, she motioned for her squad to spread out and gasped as she heard the undeniable whistle of a mortar shell. She picked up the pace as the building was reduced to nothing but rubble and shells fell around her cratering the land. She knelt when she made it to cover and breathed heavily as each of her teammates joined her. What the hell?! "They must have spotters somewhere around here...we need to find them or we're dead..." --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Nova breathed heavily as he finally made it to the gate...moreso from the heat than anything as the sun let loose yet again with another intense wave of fire. Nova hit the ground so the gate would shield him from this most recent solar flare. When it subsided, he struggled to get up. Steam rose from his body and fur as the sweat he was drenched in evaporated quickly. How does this thing work?[/color] [color=cyan]It matters not right now, we're out of time, press the blue symbol in the middle of the control panel and jump through...this gate will soon be non-existent, as will this city...[/color] [color=purple]Right...where will it take me?[/color] [color=cyan]To the nearest active gate...[/color] [color=purple]What if there isn't one?[/color] [color=cyan]There has to be, otherwise this one wouldn't be active[/color] [color=purple]Hopefully it leads to a place more hospitable than this one...[/color] Nova stepped up to the control panel cautiously and pressed the centerpiece. It illuminated with and he looked at the empty ring as it slowly started to spin. Nova felt electricity build up around the device causing his fur to stand on end. With a brilliant crack and flash the gate came to life as the rings spun faster and faster. Nova had no time to hesitate..it was now or never and he was unsure at how long the gate would hold up...or even if it would. He closed his eyes and leapt through...in the darkness, he felt as if he were floating...and then, he was in freefall. He opened his eyes as a phantom gale blew in his face and saw that he was in a tunnel of dim blue light. Outside, he saw entire star systems, entire galaxies. The vast expanse of space truly dawned on him as multiple planets flew by and he found that if he closed his eyes and truly concentrated...it sent out a...pulse almost. The area around him was highlighted in magenta as the very edge of the pulse traveled and he saw other networks, much like his...but they were broken and shattered. The realization that he was one of the last of his kind was made apparent as he knew that those broken tunnels...those "highways" meant that their Stargates had long since been destroyed and consequently, it meant the destruction of his species on those planets. For the first time since he had awakened...he truly felt alone and realized just how insignificant his people had been to the universe as a whole... --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- A Terran Marine stared at the gate for the fifth time and looked at his comrades..."What the hell do you think this is?" "Isn't it obvious? It's a gateway...could shave months, hell, years off of traveling time if we could figure out how to build our own. "Heh...guess the furbags were too stupid to find it when it was right under one of their own refueling facilities." "Well, no one credited them for being intelligent..." "Yeah...still though, the bastards put up one hell of a fight." "No shit...we got it easy down here." The Terrans jumped as a bolt of electricity jumped in between two points on the ring...and then another and then two... "What the hell?!" Lights around the gate illuminated themselves purple and the innermost ring began to rotate as electricity built up inside the ring. A swell of power like silent thunder rolled and the gate pulsed throwing the Marines back as a figure stepped out and onto the platform. Raising a hand to shield his eyes, the marine looked as the figure stepped down. He could only make out a black silhouette...but on it, he could see glowing markings that seemed to pulse. He saw glowing claws on it and it seemed to have an aura of power all it's own. He raised his gun and pulled the trigger...a burst of fire echoed in the empty chamber and the gate shut itself off abruptly. He got up and went over to the fallen body...and there as a puddle of blood started to build up he saw that it was one of them...but...somehow different. He nudged it with his boot and backed up keeping his gun trained on it. "Hey guys...you might wanna come take a look at this." "What the fuck?" "It's one of them." "Why is it naked?" "How the hell should I know...the brass is gonna wanna hear about this one though...there's something different about it." "I don't like it...should we kill the bastard?" "I'd feel better if we did. It's carcass could still prove to be valuable to our scientists." "Alrighty then...good night you freak..." A marine stepped up to the body with his pistol and aimed it right between the strange wolf's eyes. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Nova's eyes flared open and he instinctively let out a psionic pulse that threw the marines back. He heard gunfire as they instinctively pulled their triggers, but none would hit him this time. He looked at his right arm and saw blood flowing down it. He flattened his ears and growled as the marines got up grunting. "Stop this. I don't want to hurt anyone." he said. "Tough luck for you then pup." one of them said as all three marines fired their guns. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Xiomara heard gunfire and saw a brief flash through a hole in the floor of the building she was outside of. "What the...?" her ear flicked and she ducked behind a ruined wall just in time as gunfire ate through the stone. Damn it... She returned fire and heard the screaming of Terran marines below and then a dull thud in front of her. Looking on the ground she saw a grenade and tried to run...she was too late. It went off with a deafening sound and a bright light, disorienting her and she saw a marine hop on top of her. She could feel the butt of the gun and taste blood in her mouth as he beat her with it and then she saw a figure flash above her. Her vision was blurry and her ears were still ringing as she tried to process what was going on...she saw what appeared to be a wolf fighting a Terran marine. She saw the wolf's head snap back as he was hit with the gun and ran to try and help...after firing off a couple of rounds, she was struck in the back of the head and rendered motionless...prior to blacking out, she saw the wolf tear the man's arms off with a fierce snarl... --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Nova was stunned at what he had done but remained vigilant. Ignoring the man's screams, he beat the marine upside the head with his own arms and stomped him to the ground breaking his neck. Above him, he heard jets and thunderous explosions throughout the facility. Grabbing the tigress, he ran...his only thought being to find help as soon as possible. He felt invigorated as the ground beneath him blurred and his paws padded rapidly in the dust. [color=purple]Find help...I need to find help...[/color] [color=green]TRANSMISSION END[/color]
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