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Found 5 results

  1. ThomasTheSpaceFox

    wii games

    Not many people give the wii much thought, nevertheless, those who own one know there are plenty of good games hiding within its library. I'll admit, the main reason i got a Wii, was that i was going to get a GameCube, but decided id opt for a gen 1 Wii at the last second on a whim. One of the things that surprised me was how many wii games have nearly no disk damage. Among other things, i also realized how many decent Wii titles are laying out there, despite people saying to the contrary... What Wii games have you enjoyed/recommend? Any particular favorites? any diamonds in the rough? some of my favorites: sonic colors: Man this one is gorgeous, and its a decent sonic game too. (GameCube controller helps) Mario galaxy: obviously. Epic Mickey 1 & 2 Decent cheap titles: Night at the museum: Battle of the Smithsonian (kinda short, but well-voiced action adventure) Hotwheels beat that: fairly standard rally racer, with some decent guitar riffs for a budget toy tie-in.
  2. ThomasTheSpaceFox

    3D platformers

    Anyone else into the venerable 3D platformer genre? As a kid, i grew up with many of the countless 3D platformer's littering the PS1 and PS2 libraries. From the legendary crash, to a certain yellow sponge. While my collection from my childhood is long-gone, nowadays my library contains a few: Mario Galaxy Mario 64 DS A Wii tie-in for Night in the museum: battle for the Smithsonian. Sonic Colors and hopefully more to come... What sorts of 3D platformers did you play as a kid? Any you play nowadays? any on your wishlist? Also, What do you think of the recent resurgence in the genre?
  3. ThomasTheSpaceFox

    Superhero Games

    Whats your favorite super-hero tie in games? A few i can think of off-the-bat Batman Arkham City (quite good looking on the xbox 360) Spiderman 2 (PS1) (because nostalga :p)
  4. ThomasTheSpaceFox

    Sandbox/simulation games

    I was wondering what sorts of sandbox/simulation type games people have been playing... you know, things like the sims, OpenTTD scrap mechanic, mine* block building games, etc. Myself, i play: minetest, an open source minecraft clone with an actual modding API (and a wonderful train mod called 'advanced trains') OpenTTD: everyone's favorite isometric transport business simulator. (is it obvious i like trains?) Though i sometimes watch videos on others, i.e. scrap mechanic. What kinds of sandbox/simulator games do you play?
  5. Rooski/paxy

    Furry gta xbox one

    Hey guys I'm playing xbox one gta and I was wondering if any one wants to join me and my mate while we do heist races and much more