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Found 8 results

  1. Hellos~, I am Aria/Archie, and my sona's a Kiruta, a species I made. I technically have 3 sonas, but my species are shapeshifters.. basically, a Kiruta, a Rat and an Otter. I'm an artist, but I don't draw all that much anymore due to personal reasons, I'm shy and timid but stubborn. I'm from a broken home, so I often fear of being yelled at or hit, so if I ever meet any of you in RL, and I flinch or anything when you raise your hand to wave, that's why. My birthday's December 22nd which is fitting for me since I love winter and.. just cold weather.
  2. Hey guys! Just a quick intro as I realize what time it is! I also hear my fiance snoring in the other room. So I thought I would give fourms another go! The name is Mutt, I am a well you guessed it a mutt of furry. I have no idea where I got the idea for it all but it seems to fit me in my real life and online life. I'm a boardgamer, video gamer, and roleplayer. I will have this a little more flushed out when I have some time but hey nice to meet you all!
  3. Idk how to work this site!! And i love it, I am just a dude doing things here with no clue why XD i came to post art and chat but chat says "Nope" to me so i cry ;-;  
  4. Hello everyone, A friend pointed me towards this sight so I thought Id check it out, say hi to me c:
  5. Whitefire here. Just dropping in a small note to say "hi."   A little bit about me, I am 41 years old, (Thank you father time.) but feel mentally like 24. I host a webstream called the "Furry Shoutout" and I draw toons. :D   Not really a whole lot more than that. I have recently started to learn sewing in order to make my and my mate's fursuits. Of course it's kind of difficult when you can't afford to buy stuffs.
  6. Hello I am Lycan here is a brief introduction: I am Lycan and I am 671 year old male elemental wolf. I am the last of my kind besides my 'daughter' Rogue. I am blind to only see auras but use the elements around as a crutch. Normally my kind could only use one element per wolf, but I was a rare case that is said to only appear before a great disaster, to use the elements to heed the deaths but at the cost of one of the five senses. My daughter on the other hand is unique for she in a way is a clone of me and can see, and for all I know she may surpass me...    
  7.   Ello I'm Soux, and of course I'm new here so I was hoping someone will help me out. I am a new traditional Furry artist, I'm good but not good enough so I am gonna make myself better  :dealwithit:. Also I'm hoping to meet some Furrys because I'm the only furry at my school and it get pretty lonely. So fare I have four fursonas and three in the making, so I keep myself busy of course. My fursonas are: Zepher the hybrid, Zuma the Raccoon, Clemite the arctic fox, and my main furry Soux. Btw I'm an epic Role Player  :dafuq:.
  8. Hi erryone!  I'm Mint Julep, but my friends just call me Minty!  Normally I'm a pretty little femmeboy (bi, but prefer guys) mouse, but sometimes I come out as a rather beefy highland cow! *rawr?*   I've been a huge fan of the community for...let's just say moar than a decade and leave it at that, shall we?  At any rate, I've always been a quiet little lurker, but lately I've found myself with an abundance of free time!  Yayyy, me!  I've never been to any cons (for anything) but I hope to change that in the future and build mahself a fursuit fer cosplay'n and all that!   As for roleplay, I'm down for just about anything [Shadowrun, D&D...I'm kidding(noI'mnot)]...anything that's either fun, dirty, or both! <3   I guess you could also label me as artistic, but my talents lean towards the written word and photography.  I manage to mangle even stick-men, so you won't catch me drawing much on my Wacom.   The only thing I expect out of the Refuge is a good time!  Be it meeting cool people or having great fun, I'm down for it all! ;)   Peace,   - Minty  
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