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Found 17 results

  1. Hello everyone, my name is Alcedo, otherwise known as "Doc". I am quite the fresh fur - I have only been in the fandom for two months or so, but already, I have learned much from Steam groups, other members and other sites. I am looking for a tight-knit group of furries and this place seems well-kempt. I feel honored to be here and hopefully I will find many new friends to play videogames or furry roleplays with. About my fursona: The closest resemblance for my fursona would be the Pokémon "Mightyena", but with slightly more wolven features (instead of hyena-like). Simply put, I am a black-furred wolf. I have traveled across many places, met many faces. I'm a wandering knowledge-seeker of sorts. About the person behind the fursona: I am a 25 year old accounting student and senior writer from Hungary, Europe. I am bi. I am generally inquisitive, humorous and welcoming to strangers. Thanks for reading my introduction. Take care, all. Haurr. :3
  2. Hi there. I'm feline, a panther, mostly male, though gender fluid, I'm bisexual, and I like to participate in rps. I've been a member of the fandom since I was eight, and I've (and I regret this) still never attended any official furry gatherings. I'm not really looking for yiff-mates, I'm just lonely and want someone willing to cuddle and/or to be emotional with and stuff. And I prefer fat furs, 'cause they're soft and adorable. So yeah, that's me.
  3. hi, i was forced to introduce myself and thats always a bit awkward. (reminds me of when highschool starts and you have to introduce yourself to a bunch of total strangers and you sit there like..... "um, well i have a pet. yea- OH and a brother and sister, thats all" ). but i am really going to kik ass this introduction that is so long that no one is going to read it all haha. so where do i start?   i am a furry (obviously not a spy who is going to destroy us all) i am 16 years old live in belgium i like video games, movies, spongebob, chatting with other fun people (no offense to non-people, you guys are awesome too). i really dislike cheese, people who keep asking after i someone gave the awnser already and unnatural light (because it looks so ugly) thats about it, i dont have much more to say, but if you have a question or want to get to know me even better, let me know and i'll gladly chat with you ;D   best greetings, Dave xx (yes i use x'es, they are adorable!)
  4. Mochni


    I'm Mochni, an Undead Dragon Gryph. I came to Tails Refuge to make new friends in the fandom (as I don't really have any furry friends nearby). I'm actually a digital artist! I still need practice, but I'm studying animation at University, so I'm improving! Here's something I drew recently ^^ Anyhooo I hope I get a chance to chat and meet new, great people :3
  5. What is your primary species? I'm a Neko girl who can change her hair color, ear shape, and figure at will. And my hair comes in black and white, mostly. How long have you been a member of the fandom? On and off to be honest. I started back in high school, quit, then now I'm back Have you gone to any furry gatherings? None, but I'd like to one day What type of RP do you like? Anything from horror to romance Do you like to lead RPs or just participate? Both Are you an artist of any type (If so what can you do)? I can write! What do you expect out of the Refuge? To make new furry friends ^^
  6. Hello everyone,   I'm currently new to this community and would like to just start of by introducing myself and answering some questions. (In a list of course)<--(I love lists)   Name: Mackenzie Russell (I go by Tiger or Lynx in the gaming community). Hobbies:Gaming,Drawing, Writing, Poetry, Soccer, Track & Field, and Outdoor School (Counselor). Games:Fallout series, TES series, Battlefield series, Total War series, Rainbow Six Siege, CSGO, Arma series, and 200+ others (ask away). Fun Fact:One of my cats was rescued by me nine years ago on 9/9/9. (Her name is Nine). Steam:Tiger177XD Primary Species:Lynx Length with fandom:Eight Years Participated in furry gatherings: None Preferred RP: Never Role played before so I wouldn't know sadly. </3  Artist:Yes Art Type/Style: Anthro and human based characters. My style is closely related to Vanripper.   Lastly I do not draw very often due to living the life of a student. Learning is power they say... Drawing is life though. </3   Thanks for taking time out of your day to read this and if you have any questions or just wanna chat about games, art or anything feel free too!   -Tiger  
  7. Hi, I are Kobalt tha German Shepherd. *hugz*   Just a doof fur that doesn't really open up a lot but would like to start. Hello to all! Hope to meet new peeps and have a nice time. This site seems very promising. :3
  8. Hello my Name is Tsukiyama Madoshi but call me Madoshi  :dragonlaugh: .   I am a male Kitsune (a Fox with multiple tails from Japanese Folklore). A friend of mine suggested this site to me so here I am ;3 I like anime, learning to play the guitar, and go to fitness from time to time, I like movies too ( Action, Fantasy and Horror), I have Kendo practise wich is pretty fun thats why I am (my Fursona) a Samurai. Japan facinates me and the Kemono art style is pretty cool too. Recently I play Bloodborne on the Playstation 4.   I have gone to some Furry meeting but only in the Netherlands (where I live). I like clean rp's but havent done one thats longer than a few hours, I dont mind the more yiffier ones but not really somthing I want to do if thats the only thing that is talked about me and (insert name of possible friend/mate ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, ) but I like a good conversation too. I'm not good at leading an rp (too much freedom to work with) but I'd like to partisipate in one.    What I expect from Refuge is finding some more Furry (or scaly I like those too) friends.   *Bows* Nice to meet you all and I hope to have an awesometime here ^w^
  9. What is your primary species?: Feral cat. Do you have more then one (If so how many and list them)?: I have other characters but they're all feline and feral, one is a canon character. How long have you been a member of the fandom?: Honestly, since I was 8. I'm 21 now though. Have you gone to any furry gatherings?: No, but I'd like to. What type of RP do you like?: Not sure what this is asking, but I enjoy detailed RP both clean and dirty. I uh... enjoy quite a lot of things. Do you like to lead RPs or just participate?: I love to lead, though participating in one that's already going is great too. Are you an artist of any type (If so what can you do)?: I am, I'm a writer. What do you expect out of the Refuge?: A place where I can hang out with others that are also furries, somewhere comfortable where I'm around others that at least understand me somewhat, if not entirely. Basically, this is my introduction post. Hello everyone, my name is Dallas and I'm a feral cat. I'm not very great with introductions but well, I found this place via an FA ad and it looked appealing so well, here I am.
  10. First of all sorry I not speak english very well. I'm mexican and I'm here to make friends and to practice my english. I'm very bad with titles and saw a lot of "hi" and "hello"  and I was listening that song.. that's all If you want to know more about myself feel free to ask, just remember that I write very slow
  11. Hai guys. Yes i'm finally getting around to doing this thing :P   I'm MeowfaceMcGee the ageless and immortal magical cat. Actually chat to me if you're interested in knowing more :P
  12. Hello guys and gals. Im just a small wolfox here to meet some friends and maybe have a little fun too! Hehe. I love games like most people nowndays, but I also do some tabletop and lots of roleplaying. Music is important to me, I dont have a gavorite genre I just kinda.. listen to it all. Theres lots more to know about me but I wont be putting here or you wont have a reason to message :P Ill be sulking around just holdin' my tail till then :3
  13. Hello!   My name in Mico, I am a 17 year old chicken hybrid from Denmark!  I am pretty active in the danish fandom, I have been active there since September 2013. I also have a FurAffinity, that I use everyday, and to upload my artwork on! I am MicoHone on FA.   I joined this forums in hopes of finding a few friends and starting to roleplay again. I haven't done so in quite a long time, so I'll see if I can start doing it again!   --Mico.  (Also, yes, I am old enough to view NSFW stuff, since the laws of Denmark allow minors from 16 and up to view and buy porn)
  14. Whitefire here. Just dropping in a small note to say "hi."   A little bit about me, I am 41 years old, (Thank you father time.) but feel mentally like 24. I host a webstream called the "Furry Shoutout" and I draw toons. :D   Not really a whole lot more than that. I have recently started to learn sewing in order to make my and my mate's fursuits. Of course it's kind of difficult when you can't afford to buy stuffs.
  15. Hi there, my name is Jacob. My main persona's name is Jeikobu Yabara (Ya-ba-da), he is a Mewtwo (if you haven't guessed the play on words with my user name by now) but he prefers to be called Jeiku. I-I am currently trying to make a paypal to try and get some extra side money so I can save up and go to college, but the second its created I'll be sure to let you guys know!!   Off topic a bit, I thought I'd talk about Jeikobu's personality now: Jeikobu is a rather shy mewtwo, hes often quiet most of the time and has a bit of a difficult time talking and explain things. Although shy he yearns to make new friends and will often try his best to be a good friend or even a best friend. Once hes gotten to know you a little while, he'll feel comfortable enough to act silly and playful with his new found friend(s). In his spare time, Jeikobu likes to try his hand at activities that humans would usually do in their free time, he enjoys playing video games and he likes practicing his drawing skills as well as reading some books, he also has a rather large appetite for hi size and often eats large amount of food. Besides the shyness, that's me but as a mewtwo.   I do enjoy playing lots of video games as well as drawing some pictures, some of which are just funny moment I've thought up or funny things that have happened throughout my day, but in most cases its out of bordem. Ive recently graduated from High school (class of 2014-2015) and I currently have a job at a cafe as a busser (as shitty as that may sound I actually have a fairly high pay). I plan on becoming a pastry chef in the future.   If you'd like to become friends with me I'd be more than happy to be friends with you, and if you like to chat you can hmu on skype if you want to (Jeikutwo)
  16. Well, I saw this as an ad on FA, and I thought, "This might be fun". I hope it does turn out that way! I'm on FA if anyone wants to pop by there, http://www.furaffinity.net/user/toruthefox.  BTW: Apparently there is another toru around somewhere, but that's not me. I'm the neon orange one with the weird tail.
  17. Hi erryone!  I'm Mint Julep, but my friends just call me Minty!  Normally I'm a pretty little femmeboy (bi, but prefer guys) mouse, but sometimes I come out as a rather beefy highland cow! *rawr?*   I've been a huge fan of the community for...let's just say moar than a decade and leave it at that, shall we?  At any rate, I've always been a quiet little lurker, but lately I've found myself with an abundance of free time!  Yayyy, me!  I've never been to any cons (for anything) but I hope to change that in the future and build mahself a fursuit fer cosplay'n and all that!   As for roleplay, I'm down for just about anything [Shadowrun, D&D...I'm kidding(noI'mnot)]...anything that's either fun, dirty, or both! <3   I guess you could also label me as artistic, but my talents lean towards the written word and photography.  I manage to mangle even stick-men, so you won't catch me drawing much on my Wacom.   The only thing I expect out of the Refuge is a good time!  Be it meeting cool people or having great fun, I'm down for it all! ;)   Peace,   - Minty  
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