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Found 1 result

  1. Name: Kiryu Species: Chimera God Gender: Male Orientation: Straight Appearance: Personality: Chaotic. Random. Unpredictable. These words describe Kiryu's personality pretty well. The chimera seems to be batshit insane, but at the same time has a calm, almost Discord-like nature to his behavior. He enjoys joking with mortals, and is almost always eager to breed with the females of many species, mainly to impregnate these lucky females and have them carry his legacy. Attributes: Omnipotence, able to do whatever he wants, though in a fight he restricts his true power to make things fair for his opponent(s). The inside of his mouth is blue, with his tongue being cat-like, but blue with a forked tip like a snake's. His cock is equine in shape, black, and usually 24 inches long and 12 inches in diameter, and is hidden beneath his scales between his legs when he's not breeding. As he has no intestines due to his body not producing any waste, he has no anus.
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