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Found 1 result

  1. I like cooking. It's fun, even if I'm no expert. I tend not to learn recipes, but rather memorize what I can and work from the heart. I've made stir fries, baked goods(like pizza, not cake), and more, but before today, I never made hash browns. Well, I know potatoes, I know how to fry, I fucking got down to business.      Oversized and under-res'd, here's my breakfast. Hash browns with a side of the-potato-part-I-couldn't-shred, and some ham for flavor and protein. A little smokey, I say it's not bad for a first time. I've certainly ordered worse, from both fast food and diners, but I'd chalk up the diners to just being overworked, honestly.    I've got a bit of an ulterior motive for posting here, too. I've got a habit of just entering the kitchen and cooking with whatever's there, and that's often on a budget. It was remarked to me if I just recorded myself doing that, while voicing out the steps, I could start a YouTube channel for it. And that more I sat down and ate, the more I thought that, yeah, maybe I could. Not for fame, fortune, or even my usual desire of recognition. But, because it could be fun. And it would force me to eat more, hehe. So, furry food fanatics or furs of further flings, what do you think? Would any of you watch a YouTube channel about cooking with whatever's on hand? No recipes, no restraints.