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Bronze Artist Challenge! Traditional art! - 100 slots!!!

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Alright guys so here's what this is!
I'm doing a Bronze Artist Challenge.
~ ~ ~
This challenge consists of me doing traditional art pieces over the next three months.
My goal in this amount of time is the realistic 100 different pieces of art!
~ ~ ~
Here is everything you need to know about this self-appointed challenge:
1) They won't be free, but they won't be terribly expensive either! Each piece will be priced based on materials used.
2) Each piece will be done Traditionally which means there will be a physical copy! To be able to get the physical copy, you will have to pay real USD money, including shipping. (Good news is they will ship anywhere in the world!)
3) You MUST COMPLETELY fill out the form below to qualify to get one at all! Payment or not!
4) You can sponsor someone else's piece! If you're feeling generous, you can help out someone who can't do it themselves! In the reverse, you can find someone to sponsor your picture! Check the "Sponsors" list below!!!
5) You can choose from ANY of the categories below for your picture! Different materials will be priced differently.
6) You may request up to THREE images for yourself. You MUST fill out a separate form for EACH individually requested picture!
7) You may sponsor up to 5 images! You may only request ONE sponsorship per account!

Your options:

1) Materials:
~ Colored Pencil = $6 USD
~ Water Color = $10 USD
~ Acrylics (limited colors, sadly) = $8 USD
~ Combination = $12 USD
~ Ash = $15 USD

2) Feature:
~ Eye
~ Silly face
~ Butt (clothed only!)
~ Feet/Paws
~ Smile/Grin
~ Tongue
~ Ear
~ Nose/Muzzle
~ Other (may be subject to additional charges!!!)

3) Receiving:
~ Email (MUST SEND VIA PM!!!)
~ Furaffinity
~ Deviantart
~ Shipping (subject to USD prices above AND shipping cost)

4) Sizes:
~ 2.5" x 2.5" (Black canvas necklace pendant - 2 ONLY!!! Total price: $25 each)
~ 3" x 3" (No extra cost, HQ paper)
~ 5" x 5" (+ $1 HQ paper)
~ 8" x 8" (+ $3 HQ paper)
~ 10" x 10" (+ $5 HQ paper)

Here is the form to fill out! Complete it as best as you can and post it here, or PM it to me.
Reference: (pictures OR descriptions)
Payment Method: 
Special Notes: 

Sponsor List:
Inkeyu - 5 / 5 Sponsorships available (THIS MEANS FREE, with the exception of physical shipments! This is because I want example subjects!
No other sponsors yet!
Want to sponsor?

I want to sponsor!
Number of Sponsorships offered: 
Sponsor Payment: (Must ALL be sent in a single transaction BEFORE being able to sponsor anyone)

PLEASE NOTE! The 100 will be split up between a few different sites!!! Once all 100 are filled, that's all folks!

Total Slots: 100
Filled Slots: 0
Completed Images: 0

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Hey guys! I need to sell at least ten of these by Friday!!! If you can't pay for them, there are sponsorships available! In addition, there is a referral discount!!!

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