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I'm hoping with this I might sell something. For a short while I am selling female line art badges for 2$ all my badges end at the thigh however if you want me to add the rest of the leg its just 50 cents more so $2.50 for full body. 
If you want me to color your piece it will be 3$ total if it ends with the thigh or 3.50 for fullbody colored.


I can do NSFW badges with no price increase and have one sample that I can pm if wanted.


Slots: unlimited currently, unless by some miracle I get more than I can keep up with.


What You Will Get: a badge of your female character sent to you online and you can print it out and color it yourself as long as you note me as the artist of the lines.


Suvia belongs to me and art is mine. Niya belongs to my friend tempy, art is mine.

suvia badge.jpg

my badge work.jpg

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Aww they look so good 

I wish I could get one :-( 

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