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Complaints, Reports, and Staff Roles

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Have an issue with something or someone related to TR?
Here is a guide of what to do.

1.  If it is on the forum as a post or a forum based Private Message: Hit report.  This will generate a report that ALL of the staff can see immediately.  If you wish to message a staff member that is online as well after reporting that is fine as well!

2.  If it is in chat, please note the date, time and grab screenshots.  Send these an a brief message about the issue to any online Staff member (does not matter where they are based or what color their name is if they are online they will share it with the rest of us)

3.  IF it is off Tails Refuge, but you were given contact info through TR to chat with someone one on one, PLEASE Refer to this thread HERE  (Get screen shots and block person report person to that messaging media's support staff first!)

4.  IF you have an issue with a staff member report it to Seito Akai, Mav, or Jinx.

DO NOT take matters into your own hands on Tails Refuge for any issues.  We the staff WILL take care of it and back seat moderating IS against our rules.

It MAY take time to sort through and deal with your report, but please know we take all reports seriously and look through them thoroughly to be fair before we act.

Our Staff

Site Founder/Admin:  Duncan  
This big fellow is our Big Boss, looks pretty in red, and helps with site functionality and technical stuff.

Site Admins: Seito Akai, Commisar Mav, Jinx
These staff members run the back room and can take care of all issues on chat and forums, as well as most technical issues pertaining to the site as well as member technical issues such as name changes. 

Chat and Forum Mods:  Ozzy, Carridwen, Rune, Booker, Huux, Codydog
These people, regardless of where they are primarily stationed, can take care of all issues on chat and forums. These guys are responsible for ensuring that our forum is a safe environment for our users, and as such will be responsible for delving out Warnings and Bans where needed, and issuing Warning Points. They are also capable of name changes when requested by the user.

Tails Refuge PR Manager:  Razi
This lovely lady is the same as the mods, with the added task of running site contests and helping advertise for the site.

Chat Assistant: Miral
Helps watch over Chat, and gives input in moderator discussions. These guys do not have access to the back room, they are strictly chat helpers.

Forum Assistant: Braenuun

Helps to keep the forum in line, offers suggestions to the rest of the staff to improve the forum. Can hide status updates and threads as needed per site rules. Can also kick and ban from chat when needed. These guys do not have access to the back room.

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