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Character Outfit Designs and MORE!

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Two things! Outfits and also Normal Commissions!


If you're interested, here we go:

Commission Description:

An outfit design commission based around one character's everyday clothes, or special attire. These commissions range from one outfit to five outfits. They will be flat colored and there will be only one pose throughout all outfits.
Each commission price varies based on how many outfits and other variables.

Some Examples:

1 Outfit Design Example 1 | 1 Outfit Design Example 2

1 Outfit and 1 Cape* 

2 Outfits and 1 Special  3 Outfits and 1 Special 5 Outfits

Prices are as follows: *Subject to change

1 Outfit: 15$
2 Outfits: 25$
3 Outfits: 40$
4 Outfits: 55$
5 Outfits: 70$

Anything beyond 5 Outfits: Please note me or email me at [email protected] !

Capes/Jackets/Hats: +1.00 Each
Accessories (Bags, Big Props, etc): +2.50 Each
*Ask if you are not sure.

"Special" Outfits as as follows: +5.00$ Each
Wedding Gowns/Suits
Detailed Dresses/Armor/Etc
*Ask if you are not sure.


Prices and Gallery for More Examples


If you have any questions please note or email me!

This artist takes payment in the form of PayPal ONLY! Invoiced after sketch.

Terms of Service



Thank you~! -Laughter/Kizmet

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