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Pixie Pup

New Character Announcement Thingie!

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(Putting this in a forum post because it's too long for a status.)


I've recently heard of where people fuse their fursona with an oc, and I'm thinking of doing that with Pixie and Myth! I'm still going to have the two as their own characters (Myth as my "rp sona" and Pixie as my "main fursona" if that makes sense?), but also probably going to have this new "fusion fursona" where I combine both of them! She's... Just going to be an OC, and probably going to either be a complete fusion (as in, the two are "trapped" in the same body, which has characteristics of both of them) or just her own character that looks like a fusion: it's going to depend my mood at the time/the rp I'm in, more than likely.


I'm working on deciding a name, then will begin writing the info (which will probably just be a written description, tbh, since the "backstory" will vary depending on what kind of fusion she is at the time).

Hopefully I'll get back into rping after this, too!

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