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(this will likely be posted in sections as i gather ambition, I will likely do it in my free time when I am on here and bored out of my mind)

As a young child who often found himself wandering the forest in search of foxes, Luna, a now 19 year old male with a rather feminine appearance was very disinterested in the normal life of a human. Refusing to believe that there wasnt more to life than just waking up, and working your life away for pieces of paper and metal that determined how well you would live out the rest of your days. In his spare time he would often read history books and legends of mythical foxes that could bewitch the strongest willed humans, and could play any number of tricks on anyone. ranging from harmless pranks to much crueler ones, in these stories he always found himself rooting for the fox's success, and more often than not the foxes were indeed succesful. With his need to find something more in life always present, he now wished that he could be one of these Inari foxes, as some texts had called them in relation to the assumed goddess of foxes. His strong belief of there being more to the world led to his faith in Inari, and he spent his days going to the nearest shrine to his house. It was here that he found himself the happiest, he would clean the shrine and take care of it, and pray that one day he would meet inari or one of her foxes in order to ask them his only wish, to move past humanity into something greater.

On the outside, his life was rather dull, he kept his passion for the lore and legends to himself and rarely told anyone, he had friends and close family members that he could depend on, and they certainly loved him dearly as well. His family consisted of his parents, his three sisters, and himself, the only one who knew of his real dream was his closest sister, Lily, and while He was the oldest of the children, she was the second, next were the younger sisters, Ren, and Lee, Ren being the youngest. While Ren was energetic and curious, explorative like the child that she was expected to be, Lee was more refined, and often could be found dwelling through books and trying to learn as much as she could about the world around her. Next was lily, the shy, quiet type, she mostly clung to her older brother in an attempt to be disregarded by others, but through repeated encouragement, had started to become her own person and learn to be slightly more outgoing, but only when her brother was present.

(i think i've got enough so far for backstory... maybe... i have no idea, onto the main course)

Luna was often accompanied by his oldest sister, as she had taken an interest in his work at the shrine, it was rather unlike him to be so curious or devoted to something unless he really felt passionate about it. So she wanted to see what kind of shape the shrine had become while under the care of her brother. Bewildered by the cleanliness and well kept grounds, the sight of the shrine was like nothing she had ever seen from her brother, and she was quickly realized that he enjoyed being here more than at home. Her amazement continued as she witnessed the bond that her brother had constructed with the wildlife of the area, he had made special treats and food that semmed to be delightful to the animals around with a special liking to the foxes of the area, as could easily be seen by the numbers that showed up around mid day, around the same time she noticed the sound of footsteps coming up the stairs, the once abandoned inari shrine had started to become popular again with the people. they enjoyed seeing the foxes and were delighted to see the place that the elders among them had such fond memories of, festivals had been held here, and it was a great place for them to explore when they were children, seeing it all brought back to life gave them happiness in their hearts. The people had begun to recognize Luna as the reason for the shrines renewal, and they were even starting to leave offerings for the shrine like in the older days when it was at it's peak condition.

Once the commotion of the people had died down, they returned to their homes and went about with their days, another fox, much different from the others, came out of the main house of the shrine, she was the only one that seemed remotely interested in it, and the others seemed to respect her boundaries, which only drew more attention to the fox, she was white with purple eyes and it was very clear that she was Luna's favorite. He would always have extra food ready for her, and they would relax together towards the end of the day on the steps to the shrine, it was a strange sight for Lily to see her brother capable of bonding with such an animal, and it made her more proud to be related to him, she had noticed that the other foxes were allowing her to pet them, but when she tried to pet the white fox, she would turn away and walk behind Luna, Lily smiled and teased that she felt jealous of the fox that recieved lots of attention from her brother. She was so glad he was happy.

But as all things seem to go, there is always someone ready to ruin everything.

As Luna tended to the shrine towards the evening of a particularly nice day, he sat on the steps of the shrine next to the white fox, enjoying the sight of the sun over the city buildings, the colors in the sky becoming quite pretty, when it suddenly began to rain, the white fox looked back towards the forest and then at Luna who responded "were you not invited to the wedding?" to which she replied by laying her head down in his lap. Sun showers were commonly reffered to as a fox's wedding in the legends he had read. sacred bonds between two foxes, and it was a very heavy crime to be an uninvited guest at one of these weddings, all familial members present often swore revenge on the intruder, who would be repeatedly cursed many times over and life on a suffering existence, or die a particularly painfull death, it seemed, as he had read, that these punishments would only be inflicted on human trespassers however, so he was curious about why the white fox was here instead.

A breaking of branches and frantic screaming were the next sounds that Luna heard as he turned around to see a man burst out of the foliage, screaming about demons in the forest and covered in a swarm of bees. the sight and sound of the bees gave Luna chills, but he rushed to help the man, but the bees dispersed as soon as Luna got close. With the white fox behind him Luna grabbed the man by the shoulders, who was shaking and terrified, clearly in pain. The man looked around and still rambled about demons, his shaking eyes making contact with the whte fox behind Luna. The man suddenly became quite unstable, pushing Luna back and pulling a gun towards the fox while screaming the word "demon" reoeatedly. Acting long before thinking Luna stepped between the fox and the gun, the man's eyes bloodshot and his voice hoarse from screaming for so long. "Y-YOURE ONE OF THEM ARENT YOU!? YOU CANT FOOL ME YOU MONSTER!" the man began firing repeatedly, bullets hitting Luna in the chest, more than he could count, as he was being shot, the only thing he could think about was his hope that the bullets hadnt gone through him and hit the beautiful white fox behind him. The last thing heard was a swarm of bees, much much louder than before, perhaps hundreds of them seemingly coming from nowhere, the man resumed his screaming, but the sound was quickly followed by deathly silence, and suddenly the buzzing of the bees was gone too, into his weakening vision came a group of foxes, with the white one over his forhead, all looking down at him. she laid her muzzle on his forhead and another fox nuzzled under his hand, he was able to speak only a little, saying "oh good, youre... okay" before fading.

(any good? i hope so)

When he opened his eyes again, something he didn't expect himself to do, everything was the darkest of black. He sat up slowly and saw a shining light in the distance, and as he stood, the floor beneath him seemed to visibly ripple like water, he could tell from the reflection of the light in the distance. he was suddenly overcome with the knowledge that he had died, and infront of him was the path to his afterlife, compelled by some unseen force however, he turned around to see a line of teacandles behind him, leading off into the darkness with no clear end, the candles were all tipped with light blue flames that danced slowly in the silence of the limbo he stood in. It was clear that he had a choice here, and he was more curious than anything else about the candles, so he began to follow them, and as soon as he made his first step towards the candles, the light he had first seen dissapeared, he had made his choice and there was no going back. Not that he wanted to, he was more than happy to experience the unkown rather than follow the beaten path. As he walked for what felt like hours, or maybe days, he had no real way to tell how much time had passed, he was greeted in the distance by a single torii gate, quite a ways in the distance, as he continued to take steps towards it his memories of his life flashed through his mind, scenes of his family, friends, tragedies, and happiness, moving through his mind as he made his way step by step towards the gate. The final image being the white fox laying her chin on his forhead, and he suddenly heard "hey". being that it was the only real sound he had heard, and how sudden it was. he realized that there was suddenly a glowing white fox inront of him, sitting on the path he was walking."thanks for guarding me, it sucks that you dies though, you were the only one with that food" he was surpriesed at first, but not as much as most people would be, sitting down and reaching out to pet the fox, as his hand touched her head he felt warmth, the only feeling he had felt since waking up here, if you could even call it waking up that is. "c'mon" i want to repay the favor i owe you for protecting me, thats why you got the candles and the flames in the first place bud." she stood up and started to walk toward the gate, and as he followed her he couldnt help but feel giddy, and wonder if his dream were really about to come true.

As he walked through the gate he was suddenly blinded by overwhelming light, which then faded into a fairly simple room, in the center of it he saw what looked to be the white sillouhette of a woman with fox ears and many tails, beyond counting, her silouhette was sitting on a bunch of pillows, and she was surrounded by a plethora of foxes that all looked towards Luna as he entered the room, guided by his fox companion. The woman of light spoke, and Luna was overcome with serrenity and peace" You are here for a special reason, child of man. Your companion here is one of my many foxes, and she has asked me for this favor, after seeing what you have done for me through the reconstitution of my shrine, and the protection of my beloved fox, I couldnt bring myself to deny her rquest. I see in your heart that you have wanted this for quite some time, you must be feeling like heaven has graced you, do you not? "a..absolutely amazing" If you wish for it, I am going to make you into one of my foxes, your human soul will be unreturnable to its original form, and will be permanently changed into that of a fox, do you understand? "Yes, i understand" Is this what you want? "more than anything, please allow me to change" Very well, and to show you my gratitude, I am also going to do the same for your sisters whom i imagine you would be lonely without. "that... that is amazing, thank you for your generosity, it is more than i ever thought i would recieve" Luna began to cry as he felt blessed, the dream he had always wanted, the one thing he had wanted to do had finally come true. he had succeded. 'Your parents, however, i cannot change' "oh?" they have devoted themselves to another god, and as such I am unable to interfee with their souls "i see" instead you and your sisters will become a dream that your parents had... are  you still okay with this, child of mankind?  Luna thought about it for a whiile, and he realized that he had already come this far, maybe it was selfish, but it was what he desired more than anything else. "yes... please do it, but as for my sisters, give them a choice too please, i dont want them ripped away from their lives" very well. it will be as you have wished... my child.

(To be Continued)


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