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I've been doing these for people on the chat, so I thought I'd throw this up here too!

Silly ornament-eyes face drawings for US$5.00 base. It'd have to be pretty complicated for me to increase the price.

Let me know if you're curious!

Done so far:

5a39c3de7e612_razichristmaspic2.png.b50663ca95307224d6cfe2110b0564db.png Razi 5a39c3ddc899f_naomichristmaspic.png.b82e5c2be9f634ba9d05cb9f18591c41.png Naomi 5a39c3dd74aab_etainchristmaspic.png.6cd4596131151e729a2b4cb02e899dde.png Etain 5a39c3dc9dc8a_christmasglasses.png.c0a7e723b1805c26be721d4e2da3f589.png Me :>

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