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My character list

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So the first two of these are pretty much done and the last two are still kinda developing. I may also change some information from time to time.


Name: StarDust

Species: German shepherd Husky mix

Gender: Male

Personality: He is really outgoing and loves to hang out with friends

Other information: He has a mini robotic pet dragon that he built himself




Name: Katie

Species: Feline 

Gender: Female

Personality: Katie is really shy and reclusive and always on edge unless she knows you well, then she is a little more relaxed

Appearance: She has an eye patch over her right eye and a nick in her left ear. She most often wears camo pants and a tanktop with an unzipped jacket above it

Other information: Katie is a marine who loves to paint ball. She also has a robotic right arm and leg and is an amazing sniper

Background: Katie was a martial arts master by the age of seven. Her dad trained her in various other techniques until she was ten. Soon after her tenth birthday her home was attacked and she lost an eye and both right limbs. Miraculously she survived and was soon accepted into a government ran robotic prosthetics experiment. With the experiment a success she became a super soldier.




Name: Silver or Aura 

Species: Wolf

Gender: Female

Personality: She is a joker and can also be flirty at times

Other information: Silver loves to pull pranks and amaze people with magic tricks. She is an amazing card thrower and even has a deck of metal razor cards

Appearance: Silver is actually mostly black with pink highlights on her ears and forehead. She also has color changing eyes that she can change at will



Name: Pango

Species: Pangolin

Gender: Male

Personality: Shy and reclusive 

Other information: Pango can roll himself into a ball, is an amazing climber and loves to play the piano 



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Name: Eclipse

Species: Wolf

Gender: Female

Personality: Mean, cold hearted, and angry all the time

Appearance: Just like silver

Background: Eclipse is the result of a genetic experiment Silver was a part of when she was little.

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