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I'm heavily into Board Games. Not things like Monopoly or whatnot, no, I like more obscure/recent ones. Dice Forge, Inis, Abyss, Mystic Vale, etc. 
I attend a weekly game night to be a play tester for people constructing and designing their own board games! 

Additionally, I am a huge nerd for random facts and trivia about Alien, Star Trek, 70s-80s Horror/Monsters, and Film in general. I know more than I should about the worlds of X Files and Harry Potter.
I avidly attend cinema (thanks to MoviePass) and try to theme situations to learn more about directors or certain production members. 

On a less exciting note; I know far too much about birds and reptiles. lol 
I'm a bird fanatic.

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morrowind, skyrim........anything gundam wing or gundam00........armitageth the third aka dual matrix:Etain:

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