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Hey guys! My name is OttoTheFuzzBall. I've been a writer of fictional stories for over ten years now and I also dabble in poetry. I haven't been very active within the fandom admittedly, mainly because I feel inferior compared to say a visual artist.. There's also a bunch of mental health stuff in the mix, but anyway.. 

Recently I gathered up enough strength to start sharing my work with people, and because of that I started my first book. Its been in production for over a year and as of now it's titled F. Which will be explained later if you're curious about that. Either way.. I wanted to share it with you guys and see if I could get some feedback and maybe even gain a couple friends/followers from it. I'd love to meet and talk to new furs. I think it'd help me mentally thrive. ❤️

Wattpad: https://www.wattpad.com/user/OttoTheFuzzBall




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