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3D platformers

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Anyone else into the venerable 3D platformer genre?

As a kid, i grew up with many of the countless 3D platformer's littering the PS1 and PS2 libraries. From the legendary crash, to a certain yellow sponge.

While my collection from my childhood is long-gone, nowadays my library contains a few:

  • Mario Galaxy
  • Mario 64 DS
  • A Wii tie-in for Night in the museum: battle for the Smithsonian.
  • Sonic Colors

and hopefully more to come...

What sorts of 3D platformers did you play as a kid? Any you play nowadays? any on your wishlist?

Also, What do you think of the recent resurgence in the genre?

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The only one that comes to mind that I really, REALLY stuck with was SM64 on the N64.

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