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PCs, Laptops, and such.

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Discussing PCs & laptops. ^.^

Some questions to help get things going:

  • What Sorts of hardware are you running?
  • What do you use your PC(s)/Laptop(s) for?
  • what OS(es) do you use?
  • how messy is your computer desk? :p
  • do you have a super-customized rig?
  • any plans?



I have my tiny Acer Aspire V5, with its 4GB RAM, 1 Ghz Dual Core AMD APU, with 512MB Kabini graphics running Linux with the XFCE desktop, ...and not much else :p

I use said Acer for programming, art, making music, web browsing, IRC chat, and playing a selection of open source games, like minetest and supertuxkart. :p

As far as plans, i wouldn't mind building a nice higher end rig, if i had the money that is. :p

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