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Halo MCC on Steam

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First ] I may have missed it or not. So may have to search further. My apologies for that then.

Second ] I am utterly surprised at the noticeably lacking mention of The Master Chief Collection in reference to PC gaming among you furballs in this section.

Third ] For those of us that are multiplatform gamers and actually give a damn about this franchise, this is a pretty big deal.

Yes MCC was a pretty damn big mess when released to console and 343 sure did get their share of hate from dedicated and loyal Halo fans. But they did fix it and additionally want to make it right with ALL Halo fans with the big announcement made a month or so ago. So in light of this, I am curious as to just how many of you furballs out there are actually excited and looking forward to this game collection? Do any of you expect issues by way of Steam not being prepared for the sheer number of players slamming their network at release time? Are those of you that are strictly PC gamers actually THAT excited this is finally happening?

I have so many questions and would like to get feedback on this.

For those that are curious, I am also Brunauss on Steam and yes I will be buying the MCC.

Just a heads up though, I am a career night owl and thus catching me at the right time can be a bit tricky LOL

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